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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Support Arizona

The State of Arizona recently passed a law that is receiving much criticism. Many of those people who are finding fault with the law have not even read it. Kris Kobach helped write the law. He is an attorney and a law professor at the University of Missouri. According to Kobach, the new Arizona law is "quite narrow in scope. The law basically says that police officers, when they are making a stop for some other violation of law - [such as a] traffic stop - … and they develop reasonable suspicion that the person is an illegal alien, then they have to act on that suspicion and contact ICE, which has a hotline that's been in place for 15 years, and they have to determine if the person is actually lawfully present in the country. "It also requires - it makes it an Arizona misdemeanor to fail to carry the documents that a person is required to carry by federal law if the person is an alien. Fore the last 70 years, it's been a requirement of federal law that aliens in the United States register and carry certain documents with them. The Arizona law just says, if you're breaking this federal law, you're also committing a misdemeanor in Arizona. Those are the two main things that the law does." He added, "[This law] does a number of other things as well. It includes the documentation provision I mentioned. It also prohibits sanctuary cities, which are cities that are breaking federal law by preventing their officers from communicating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He later explained, "Well, we do have some very clear court precedents on this. In 1971, the Supreme Court gave the landmark decision of Deconis (ph) versus Beka (ph), and in that decision, the Supreme Court said states can pass laws to discourage illegal immigration within their jurisdiction. And we do know as far as sanctuary cities are conceived that Congress in 1996 expressly forbid sanctuary cities, passed a law that's found at 8-USC-1373 for anyone with a legal book near them. But it says you cannot have a policy in your city or state that prevents your officers from talking to ICE." So there is the basic Arizona law, a law that mirrors the federal law. The federal government refused to enforce the federal law so Arizona was forced to write its own law. The President of the United States, members of his administration, and Democratic members of Congress are criticizing the Arizona governor for signing this bill into law even though they have not even read the law. They are criticizing Arizona for doing the job that the federal government should be doing but are not! Now they have recruited the President of Mexico to join them in their verbal attacks. There are also cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco that are calling for a boycott of Arizona. Arizona is not only fighting the illegal alien problem. It is also fighting the federal government as well as other nations. I think the Governor described it best when she said, "A country without borders is like a house without walls. It will eventually fall down." Illegal immigrants are being funneled into Arizona because of the wall that was built in California and Texas. Arizona is spending millions of dollars fighting the illegal immigration problem in numerous different ways - such as crime, school expenses, welfare fraud, etc. Arizona kept asking the federal government to secure the border, but the feds continue to do nothing but criticize. Arizona is nearing the end of its rope. It is time for the citizens of the United States to stand with Arizona. I have decided that I will boycott Mexico. I will not visit Mexico again until our borders are secure nor will I purchase anything made in Mexico. I call on all true Americans to join me in this boycott. I am also boycotting any city or state within the United States that boycotts Arizona. In addition, I plan to spend time in Arizona this winter to support the Arizona economy with my money. This is my way of supporting Arizona. I ask all Americans to do the same. I am grateful that Arizona is standing tall against illegal immigration. I support Arizona as does 70 percent of America. Where do you stand on this issue?

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