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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Mormon Mafia

                There is no secret that many Mormons work for the FBI and other intelligence agencies. Mormon standards make Mormons great recruits for the FBI. These intelligence agents have been referred to as the “Mormon Mafia.”          Now the term “Mormon Mafia” has gone political. Lou Dobbs, the host of Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs Tonight made the term spread wildly. Dobbs is a Trump supporter, and he sent an angry Tweet about Evan McMullen. “Look Deeper, He’s nothing but a Globalist, Romney and Mormon Mafia.” This site has some cute pictures with some of the Tweets about “Mormon Media.” There is a cute video by Studio C at the bottom.

                The important thing to learn about #MormonMafia is that all comments were funny. Most people know that Mormon live good lives; therefore, when someone – like Dobbs – says something bad about Mormons, no one believes them. Check out #MormonMafia for some good laughs!

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