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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Race Wars

                    More and more evidence is coming out about the fact that there are wars between the races in our nation.  Even though the majority of voters elected our first black President on his promise to end the problems between the races, the wars have grown worst during the Obama Administration. 

Black on white crime is increasing, but the media reports only the white on black crime - such as the media circus surrounding the shooting of a black teenager in Florida.  It appears to me that Obama and other black leaders fan the flames of racial unrest without even acknowledging the increasing black crimes.  Because we have a President and an Attorney General who ignore black-on-white crime and are pouncing on any white-on-black crime, blacks understand that they can get away with almost anything.

While the media has been concentrating on the problems in Florida where a "white" Hispanic man shot a black unarmed teenager, there was little reporting about the white man that was beaten and robbed by blacks in Baltimore the morning after St. Patrick's Day.   At least two videos were taken of this attack, and yet most people do not know about this attack.

There was also little reporting about the black motorcycle gang (30-40 bikes) that attacked and stabbed a truck driver.                 J. Christian Adams of PJ Media wrote:  "A frightening event happened March 28 on an Alabama highway.  The event has received no national attention apart from a lone story in the Macon Beacon, in Macon, Mississippi.  Not only was the event frightening, but the response - or lack thereof - by Alabama law enforcement authorities was almost as frightening. The local media, including the Birmingham News, failed to cover the shocking attack.  With the flurry of national media attention the Trayvon Martin killing has received, why hasn't the daylight stabbing of Nick Stokes received any attention?"  The article further states that the police said that they didn't "mess" with the gang.

This black on white crime has been building for well over a year.  An editorial at began:  "Across the U.S., mobs of black youths are organizing on Facebook to loot stores and beat whites.  Yet none dare call the `flash mob' attacks hate crime, least of all the attorney general.
                    "The Associated Press is reporting that at least one of those arrested in the Wisconsin State Fair beatings said the mob was targeting whites, making it a hate crime.  Where is Eric Holder's civil rights division?  About this epidemic of black-on-whites, we hear nothing.
                    "At the Milwaukee fairgrounds, dozens of black teens suddenly appeared, knocking over children, looting the Midway games and stealing prizes.  They pulled whites from cars, flung them to the ground and punched and kicked them in the face.  At least 18 people were injured, including some cops.
                    "A similar beat-down took place August 2010 at the Iowa State Fair.  Organized as `beat whitey night,' bands of black teens targeted white kids, fracturing one of their skulls.  Then the thugs swarmed police, hitting one cop from behind and busting both his eye sockets.
                    "Earlier this month in Philadelphia, marauding black flash mobs beat and robbed tourists and other innocent bystanders.  Several people were hospitalized…."

                    I personally have had a difficult time understanding why there are such terrible problems between the races sixty years after passing the civil rights acts, and I particularly do not understand why so many black people are filled with hateful anger.  I grew up in the area of the Ute Indian Reservation in eastern Utah, and my family had many Native American friends.  I heard about the fight for civil rights but did not know any black people until I was an adult.  My first real experience with blacks came when I worked at Hill Air Force Base, and my responsibilities brought me into contact with many black airmen.  I learned that blacks are basically the same as whites with similar life desires and problems, and I still did not understand how and why we cannot treat each other as humans.  Since my time at Hill I have met other black adults and teenagers that I really enjoy being around, some in my own family.  I still do not understand why there are so many problems.

                    I began to gain understand of the real reasons for the hate and racial unrest when I read an article about this subject, "Obama's America:  Why Black Grievance Will NeverEnd,"  The article was written by Selwyn Duke and gives a wonderful explanation about why race is always a factor in everything that happens.  "To illustrate the phenomenon causing people to believe such inanity, consider a woman in a bad marriage who hates her husband.  She may see him through colored glasses, and then his trespasses are never innocent mistakes, are they?  Instead, much that he does will displease her - and all of it is part of an effort to upset her.  `Why, that's just the kind of thing he would do!' thinks she.  Now, don't get me wrong.  He may be lacking or even a cad, and he may sometimes actually try to get her goat.  But that isn't the point.  It is, rather, that whatever he is or isn't, she won't perceive it clearly through those colored glasses.  Hatred is like darkness:  the more there is, the less you can see.
                    "And this is precisely the issue in the black community.  Black minister and head of the Brotherhood Organization for a New Destiny Jesse Lee Peterson alluded to this when he said that the goal of racial hustlers such as Jesse Jackson is to keep black people angry so that they won't be able to think clearly.  Yet this `Jacksonizing' of youth is now endemic in the black community.  Too many black children are weaned on ideas such as `The white man is keeping you down,' `The white man has oppressed you,' and `A black man has no place in America.'  They may hear such sentiments from their parents, from Reverend Wrights in churches, from friends, from music and popular culture - and even in school….  The result is that they view whites through colored glasses, seeing bad intentions and Caucasian conspiracies where none exist.  Hey, that's just the way white people are….
                    "Of course, this phenomenon isn't unique to black/white relations.  It's evident in Palestinian/Jewish ones, Hutu/Tutsi ones, Turkish/Armenian ones, and many others as well…."

                    I finally understand why there is so much hate and anger in many blacks in the United States:  The parents, pastors, and other leaders indoctrinate black children and youth with hate for whites just as Arabs teach their children to hate Jews, and Muslims teach their children to hate Americans.  As long as adults teach children to hate and be angry with others, there will continue to be hate and unrest- and it doesn't matter what the hated people do to appease the haters. 

                    The simple fact is that hate and anger are tools of Satan while love and peace are attributes of Jesus Christ.  People who teach hate are certainly not teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Spreading the true gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way to solve the race wars!

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