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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Scott Walker and College Degrees

                Did you hear the news?  Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker dropped out of Marquette University and therefore did not graduate from college!  He dropped out of college because he got a good job without the four-year degree.  How dare he enter politics without a college degree!  How dare he even entertain the idea of running for President of the United States of America without a college degree!

                The liberal media is out to get Governor Walker.  They cannot find anything else wrong with him so they have chosen to attack him for not graduating from college.  The left-wing media has put Governor Walker squarely in their sights and are targeting him in an effort to destroy him.

                The Washington Examiner published an article written by Michael Barone  about Presidents and other famous people and their college graduations or non-graduations.

                “Conservatives and other commentators are having fun ridiculing the Washington Post for running a story about how Scott Walker dropped out of Marquette University (“questions linger”!) and so never graduated from college – something that has been widely known for many years and which Walker has never sought to conceal….
                “Democrats like Howard Dean are suggesting that Walker’s non-graduate status raises questions as to whether he’s fit for the presidency.  Voters may want to take that into consideration, but I suspect few will.  Many Americans know that Bill Gates, the late Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg are also college dropouts; quite possibly they scored higher than Walker on IQ or SAT tests, but Republican primary and caucus voters and, if Walker is nominated, general election voters will have plenty of chance to evaluate Walker and determine whether he has the intelligence to be president.
                “History tells us that there is no high correlation between graduating from college and being a good president.  The Wikipedia page `Lists of United States Presidents by education’ tells us that 11 of our 43 presidents … did not graduate from college and that 32 did.  Of those 32, 11 graduated from Ivy League colleges, three from military academies, two from state flagship universities and 18 from other colleges.
                “The presidents usually recognized as our two greatest, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, didn’t graduate from college; Lincoln had scarcely any formal education.  Other non-graduating presidents include Andrew Jackson, …; Martin Van Buren, …; Grover Cleveland and William McKinley, ….  Also without college degrees were William Henry Harrison…, Zachary Taylor…, Millard Fillmore and Andrew Johnson.  The most recent president without a college degree was Harry Truman….
                “In any case, I guess it’s useful for voters to have access to information about how presidential candidates were educated and what they did at school in their younger years.  Which leads to a question for the Washington Post, which has told us a bit about how Scott Walker behaved at college before he dropped out:  Why weren’t you – why aren’t you – curious about how Obama behaved in college?”

                I personally do not care if Scott Walker graduated from college or not.  He has proven that he stands firm on conservative principles and that he is a leader.  Scott Walker’s successes in Wisconsin prove to me that he has the ability to perform well the duties of President of the United States.

                Barack Obama – said to be the smartest president of them all - is the worst president I have seen in my lifetime, and Jimmy Carter – the worst president for many years - stands next to him; they both graduated from colleges/universities.  I do not see how any of their education or experience prepared them to lead the United States.  Bill Clinton also graduated from universities and was lauded as being tremendously intelligent – with an equally intelligent wife – and look at him!

                The Constitution of the United States does not list college/university graduation as a requirement to serve in the office of POTUS.  The Founders of our nation and the Framers of our Constitution did not consider a degree to be a necessity for the office.  The presidential history of our nation is proof that great presidents are not made by college degrees.  Great men and great presidents come from great character.  Scott Walker seems to be such a man!

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