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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Women Warriors

                I am grateful that Congress did not pass a law requiring women to register for the draft. I do not desire to see any of my grandchildren serving in the armed forces of our nation and especially not my granddaughters. I do not understand why any woman would want to serve in the military. All things military seem so anti-woman to me – things such as crawling through mud and dirt to reach a designated zone or shooting at other human beings. I can, however, see why some women want to receive the benefits given for military service, and I feel confident that there are positions in the military where women can serve without going into combat duty.

                There are people – apparently not women in the military – who seek to have women drafted and ordered into combat duties. Barack Obama even signed a bill making combat duty available to women. I believe all these people are wrong because war is a nasty, dirty business that should not involve anyone but especially not women.

                Men and women are created differently. Our bodies not only look different, but our capabilities are dissimilar. Heavenly Father created the bodies of men and women differently because He has diverse roles in mortality for the two sexes to play. Men are given the role to preside (lead), provide, and protect while women are given the role to nurture. Although there can be some overlapping of the two roles, I can see that nurturing would be difficult o achieve for a woman hardened by war and killing.

                Sarah Lee at The Blaze suggests that science supports my view that women are physically not made for war. News reports have covered women trying and failing to pass rigorous combat training courses that many men pass each year. Yet, feminists still argue for women to have the right to try. They may, however, be battling against science itself.

                Lee quotes Travis Scott, a writer for The Federalist. “The differences between the sexes affect all kinds of major and minor components about our bodies. Men have stronger bones than women, as well as stronger tendons and ligaments. Males have more muscle fibers, and because of this have greater muscle mass. Men have about 40 percent more muscle mass than women. Things like calorie intake also affects the sexes differently: men tend to convert extra calories into muscle and energy reserves. Females tend to convert them into fat deposits….
                “Because of their weaker bone structures, women are more prone to injury than men are. Many women in sports and other physical activities experience injury rates at levels that have been described as `epidemic’ by some medical experts. Young women are more vulnerable to these injuries, many of which often lead to osteoporosis, even shortly after properly recovery.”

                This quote supports my belief that Heavenly Father made His daughters different from His sons and that He did so for important purposes. I think it is fine for women to join the military if they desire, but I do not believe all young women should be forced to register for the draft. In addition, I believe it is okay for women in the military to serve in support positions or in other ways where their body sizes and physical differences will put them in more danger simply because they are women.

                I know that women are capable of doing most everything that they decide to do – up to a point. I do not think women should serve in combat operations and certainly not to satisfy anyone’s ego or agenda or to prove a point to themselves.

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