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Friday, May 5, 2017

Rich Habits

            Families, communities, and nations are strengthened when individuals form good habits. President Thomas S. Monson of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints often reminds us that our destiny is determined by the decisions that we make. Since decisions begin with thoughts, wise parents will teach their children the importance of thinking the best thoughts, taking the best actions, and forming the best habits.

            The habits we form determine what we do as well as what we become. The simple habits of daily prayer and scripture study strengthen us against the temptations of Satan. The simple habit of attending Church every Sunday brings great blessings from God. Other simple habits determine whether we will be rich or poor.

            Thomas C. Corley posted an interesting article titled “Will Your Child Be Rich or Poor? 15 Poverty Habits ParentsTeach Their Children.” Do you believe that parents are actually teaching their children to be rich or poor? I know that it happens. Since having “enough and to spare” is much better than living in poverty, wise parents will teach rich habits. Corley includes a lot of statistics that show how habits affect what we become. Then he gives a list of rich habits for parents teach their children.  Here are some of those rich habits.

. Limit TV, social media, video games and cell phone use to no more than one
  hour a day.

. Require that children read one non-fiction book a week and write a one page
  summary of what they learned for their parents to review.

. Require children to aerobically exercise 20-30 minutes a day.

. Limit junk food to no more than 300 calories a day.

. Teach children to dream and to pursue their dreams. Have them write a script
  of their ideal, future life.

. Require that children set monthly, annual and long-term goals.

. Require working age children to work or volunteer at least ten hours a week.

. Require that children save at least 25% of their earnings or the monetary gifts
  they receive [and donate another 10%].

. Teach children to send thank you cards to individuals who helped them in any

. Reassure children that mistakes are good and not bad [and that mistakes are
  learning opportunities].

. Discipline children [for temper tantrums] so they understand [that anger is a]
  very costly emotion….

. Teach children that the pursuit of financial success is a good thing [if handled

. Teach children how to manage money….

. [Communicate daily with children face-to-face]

. Teach children how to manage their time….

            There are a lot of good ideas in this list as well as the rest of his suggested habits. I know many parents who are already doing some or even all of them. If you are not, you can start slowly with one or two ideas and add others over time. By teaching rich habits to the rising generation, we can strengthen families, communities, and nations.

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