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Friday, December 8, 2017

Pay Attention!

            Families, communities, and nations are strengthened when individuals learn to pay attention – not only to what they are studying but also to the conditions around them. Once one learns how their brain works, they must also understand that there are other influences that either improve or diminish one’s ability to study and learn.

            As part of a personal effort to improve my own study skills, I am reading a book titled The World Book of Study Power, volume 1, and I am attempting to share a little of what I learn with my readers. Teaching others what I have learned helps to solidify the information in my own brain and is, therefore, a valuable learning tool. Most of the information that follows, including quotes and ideas, come from this book.

            The ability of one to study and learn is influenced by many things: personal feelings, surrounding sounds, the light and temperature in the room, and many other things. The key is to keep the distractions to the minimum.

You are affected by different things in different ways at different times. You aren’t always hungry or upset, tired or excited. You don’t have to be perpetually cheerful and energetic, but you should be aware of what helps or blocks your concentration. To get the most out of studying, you must manage the environmental, emotional, sociological, physical, and psychological stimuli around you (p. 60).

            One must pay attention to what one is doing, whether it is driving a car or writing a report. In order for one to gain the most from studying, one must focus attention and eliminate distractions. People who study and gain more knowledge strengthen families, communities, and nations.

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