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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Who Will It Be?

            The long-circulating rumor about Justice Anthony Kennedy is true. He announced his retirement from the U.S. Supreme Court today after the final decisions for the current court term were handed down. His retirement is sure to cause a great political fight over his replacement.

            Kennedy was a moderate voice whose vote was never taken for granted. He was known as the “swing vote” and was the deciding vote on several liberal causes, such as abortion, gay rights, and same-sex marriage. Liberals considered him to be on their side much of the time. However, he swung to the right in recent decisions.

            The retirement of Kennedy gives a second opportunity to President Donald Trump to nominate a justice to the high court and to make the court more conservative. The President has a list of possible candidates that contains the names of 24 lower court judges and a U.S. Senator. One of the judges, Thomas Lee, is a brother to the senator, and both are on the President’s list.

            Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) has also been suggested by several conservator sources, and the senator has said that he would not say no to the nomination. He is a strict constitutionalist who will sustain and support the Constitution. He would be a good choice.

            Conservatives must pray that all Republican senators will vote for the President’s nominee. We never know how the RINOs, such as Liza Murkowski and Susan Collins, will vote. I wish we could replace both of them with conservative senators!

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