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Monday, October 5, 2020

What Did Trump Learn about COVID-19 to Help Defeat It?

             My VIP for this week is President Donald Trump. He has been leading the charge in the battle against the Chinese virus known as COVID-19, and he took a hit last week. The President tweeted early Friday morning that he and the First Lady tested positive for the coronavirus. He flown to Walter Reed Military Hospital on Friday afternoon as a precaution against more serious reaction to the virus. There he stayed in the presidential suite and continued to work while being treated for the virus. He even made several short videos to reassure Americans that he was getting better.

            Some reports said that there were a few worrisome moments, but the President appears to have defeated the virus. He learned that there was a large group of supporters maintaining a vigil outside the hospital. He sent Chief of Staff Mark Meadows out to give them some “Trump chocolates,” and he sent a tweet thanking them for his support. A mystery person sent pizza to the supporters at the vigil, and there is rumor that it came from Trump. Sunday afternoon he left the hospital for a few minutes with Secret Service officers in vehicles and waved to the supporters as the SUV drove slowly past them. There is mutual affection between Trump and his supporters – and not just those at the vigil.

            President Trump was released from the hospital on Monday evening and was flown back to the White House. It is remarkable that he recovered enough from the virus to leave the hospital after a stay of only three days. The prayers of millions of Americans surely helped his quick recovery. However, he is a healthy and vigorous man despite being 74 years old and “obese” according to the lamestream news.

We know that Trump will use the knowledge that he gained from his personal experience with COVID-19 to lead the nation to victory over it. However, he has not yet shared that information with us. I hope that he will pace himself until he has fully recovered, and I know that I will continue to pray for him.

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