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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Officer Down II

Anchorage Police Officer Jason Allen, age 47, was shot five times while sitting in his police car on January 9. He had responded to a domestic dispute just before 2:00 a.m. and had returned to his car to do paperwork when a dark-colored sedan pulled alongside him. There were at least two people in the vehicle, and the shooter opened fire without any warning. Allen was hit five times, but his bulletproof vest stopped some of the shots. He stayed alert enough to call for help and to give information to his fellow officers before going in for surgery. In the weeks since the shooting, Allen has been through multiple surgeries for wounds to his arm and torso. His left arm is in a full cast from his fingers to his shoulder. He expects to leave the hospital soon and recognizes that recovery will take much longer. Police believe that Allen was targeted in the drive-by shooting simply because he is a police officer. They believe that the shooter was looking to execute a cop. The police call the shooting an "ambush attack." Police have not named any suspects in the attack, nor have they released descriptions of the suspect car and/or its occupants. Allen is anxious to get back to work to help find the shooter. Meanwhile, he is grateful for his fellow officers who have guarded him around the clock at the hospital. He is appreciative of all the support he has gotten from the police and the community. A reward fund was started by the Anchorage Police Department Employees Association, the city and other public safety unions. The original reward amount of $10,000 has now grown to $25,000 with additional donations. In addition, a second fund has been started to support Allen's family. Our community is outraged that such an attack took place here. We want the creeps caught as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we continue to pray for Allen's quick recovery.

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