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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Financial Fast

I found an article with a good idea to gain financial freedom. The article that I am referring to was written by Michelle Singlelary and suggests a way to curb the need to consume. She suggests that this habit can be broken by completing a 21-day fast. I used a similar idea in January because I spent a lot of money making reservations for next Christmas and buying some expensive airline tickets. I simply stopped buying anything that I didn't absolutely need to buy. I did not carry it as far as she encourages, but I know it works! This financial fast means that for "three weeks you must refrain from buying anything that is not a necessity. And by necessity, I mean the bare essentials, such as food and medicine." She suggests: no mall, no retail stores, no window shopping, no restaurants or fast food, no stopping for coffee, breakfast or lunch, no buying gifts or cards, no credit cards or debit cards, no on-line or catalog shopping, no movies, plays or other entertainment that costs money. Essential items include food, medication, personal hygiene products, clothing needed for the job (pantyhose, work shirts, or uniforms), school supplies, cleaning products. Birthday or wedding gifts and cards are not considered as necessities. She suggests that you find a way to bless them without purchasing something. This would be a good time to use "regiftables," gifts of knowledge or service, or homemade gifts or cards. She used an example of a mother giving her child a birthday party and requesting that guests bring books to exchange. Oh, you might also know that you would not be permitted to explain that you cannot buy gifts right now but will bring it later! The idea is to stop using shopping and spending money as a means of entertainment (window shopping, looking at catalogs) as well as using a budge and living within your means. You can check out the article here.

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