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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


According to a report by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) published on May 9, 2011, "Historic flooding, a record-breaking tornado outbreak and devastating wildfire activity made April 2011 a month of historic climate extremes across much of the United States." These national disasters are in addition to earthquakes and tsunamis in recent months. Are these record-breaking natural disasters signs that the Last Days are here? I believe that they are. Whether or not you believe that we are living in the Last Days, you may find a book by Joel Richardson interesting. The book is entitled The Islamic Antichrist: The Shocking Truth about the Real Nature of the Beast.

I found the entire book riveting. My attention was first caught by Richardson's comparison between the information we find in the book of Revelation in the Bible and Islamic traditions and opinions. It seems to me that someone took the information in Revelation and wrote just the opposite view. "The coming of the Mahdi is the central crowning element of all Islamic end-time narratives." (See p. 21).

Richardson made the following summary of the various Islamic traditions and opinions of Muslim scholars. The man eagerly awaited by the Muslims of the world is summarized as follows: 1) "The Mahdi is Islam's primary messiah figure." 2) "He will be a descendant of Muhammad and will bear Muhammad's name (Muhammad bin Abdullah)." 3) "He will be a very devout Muslim." 4) "He will be an unparalleled spiritual, political, and military world leader." 5) "He will emerge after a period of great turmoil and suffering upon the earth." 6) "He will establish justice and righteousness throughout the world and eradicate tyranny and oppression." 7) He will be the caliph and imam (vice regent and leader) of Muslims worldwide." 8) "He will lead a world revolution and establish a new world order." 9) "He will lead military action against all those who oppose him." 10) "He will invade many countries." 11) "He will make a seven-year peace treaty with a Jew of priestly lineage." 12) "He will conquer Israel for Islam and lead the `faithful Muslims' in a final slaughter/battle against the Jews." 13) "He will establish the new Islamic world headquarters from Jerusalem." 14) "He will rule for seven years (possibly as much as eight or nine)." 15) "He will cause Islam to be the only religion practiced on the earth." 16) "He will appear riding a white horse (possibly symbolic)." 17) "He will discover some previously undiscovered biblical manuscripts that he will use to argue with the Jews and cause some Jews to convert to Islam." 18) "He will also rediscover the Ark of the Covenant from the Sea of Galilee, which he will bring to Jerusalem." 19) "He will have supernatural power from Allah over the wind and the rain and crops." 20) "He will possess and distribute enormous amounts of wealth." 21) "He will be loved by all the people of the earth." (See pp. 31-32.)

Richardson listed his comparisons between the Antichrist described in the Bible and the Islamic Messiah: 1) The Antichrist will be a "powerful political and military world leader." (See Daniel 7:7-27 and Revelation 13:2, 4-8.) 2) The Antichrist will be a "spiritual world leader." (See Revelation 13:4,8; 19:20.) 3) The Antichrist will wage a "targeted campaign against Jews and Christians." (See Revelation 12:1-6, 9, 13-14, 17; 13:5-7; Daniel 7:25.) 4) The Antichrist will attack Jerusalem to make it the seat of authority. (See Ezekiel 38:9-12; 2 Thessalonians 2:4; Matthew 24:1-2, 16-22.) 5) The Antichrist will make a "seven-year treaty with Israel." (See Daniel 9:27; Isaiah 28:14-15.) 6) The Antichrist will "change the set times and the laws." (See Daniel 7:25.) 7) The Antichrist will ride a white horse. (See Revelation 6:1-2.)

In addition to likening the Mahdi to the Antichrist, Richardson warns that the Muslims believe that a prophet they call Jesus will assist the Mahdi. This Jesus will be a "faithful Muslim," even "the greatest Muslim evangelist," and will "abolish Christianity," slay Jews, and be "a good Muslim family man." Muslims also believe that a "false prophet" who calls himself Jesus Christ will come to fight against the Muslims. (See pp. 52-57.)

This book is really interesting because it clearly explains how the battle against Israel will come about and why so many people will be deceived in the last days. I highly recommend this book!

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