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Monday, January 9, 2017

Kellyanne Conway

                Who is Kellyanne Conway? Most people had not heard of Conway six months ago. It seems that she appeared suddenly on the political scene when she became the campaign manager for Donald Trump. She was, however, a supporter of Ted Cruz until he left the presidential campaign. She became the first woman to win an election as a campaign manager. She is now Counselor to President and is often in the news.

                Conway was born Kellyanne Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, and she married George Conway. The couple has four children. Conway seems to be most concerned about her positions as wife and mother, but she is also a business woman. She received a BA from Trinity Washington University and a JD from George Washington University. In addition to being a campaign manager, she is a strategist and pollster. She is president and CEO of The Polling Company Inc./Woman Trend as well as a political commentator on several channels and guest on other television shows.


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