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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Crazy World

The world has gone crazy! Much of the United States is broiling as the "heat dome" stretches from Texas to Maine and covers one million square miles. Some 141 million Americans in this area were under a "heat alert" as the dome moved from central U.S. and towards the East Coast. At least twenty-two people have died from the heat.

People are not handling the heat well. Two women brawled over a seat on the New York subway. One of the women left a sleeping baby in a stroller in order to fight over the seat. She never noticed that the baby rolled out of the subway and onto the platform - and luckily was rescued by strangers.

Girl Scouts selling cookies and children with lemonade stands on their front lawns are being shut down by police because they don't have the necessary "licenses" to sell. In fact, no one really knows what the children put in their lemonade!

Thieves are stealing grapes, avocados, bees, diesel, tools, and truck batteries from farms in California. Other thieves are stealing ambulances in North Texas and storm drain covers in Sacramento, California. Still other thieves have stolen copper and other metals wherever they could find it, even in air conditioning systems.

Residents of Chicago sought relief from the heat by opening fire hydrants. Fire crews sought police protection in order to shut off approximately 2000 hydrants. City officials were warning the people that opening a fire hydrant and spilling hundreds of gallons of water into the street presented a safety hazard: Drivers have a difficult time seeing children playing in the water. The water floods basements in the area. Lower water pressure could hamper the fire department's attempts to fight fires.

The U.S. Senate rejected the Cut, Cap, and Balance proposal passed by the U.S. House and then took the weekend off. They don't seem to be too concerned that our nation is in fiscal danger. President Obama is out campaigning on college campuses trying to sell his programs to the young idiots surrounding him.

This is only the United States! Norway is dealing with terrorist attacks and idiots shooting young people at camps. Greece is about to default on its loans, and other nations such as Italy and Spain seem to be following in their footsteps. The Middle East is still fighting for "democracy."

What in the world is happening?

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