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Friday, July 29, 2011

Family Reunions

Families are strengthened by holding regular family reunions. Family get-togethers come in all shapes and sizes and happen at all times of the year. Some families return to their home towns; other families go on trips or cruises together. Some families meet at a certain location.

The family of my oldest sister holds their reunions every other year. Some years they go to the coast of Oregon where they rent a house or two and enjoy each other's company for a week. One year they gathered in their home town. Family members that didn't fit into the large family home went to a nearby motel to sleep and back to the home for meals and activities. Several years ago they cancelled their reunion for some reason, but they ended up gathering for the funeral of my brother-in-law at about the same time period as the planned reunion. This year is their year to gather together again.

Another sister's family traveled from Virginia, Tennessee, Colorado, Arizona, and Utah to meet in Nauvoo, Illinois, for a few days. While there they visited sacred spots in Church history in the general area and learned about ancestors who had lived in Nauvoo.

My immediate family gathered during the Christmas holidays to exchange gifts and to spend a week in adventure. We met at a time share resort where we rented several units. Using the resort as a base, we branched out to national parks, state parks, and other areas where we could hike and enjoy our relatives.

My large and extended family - the posterity of my parents - is meeting this weekend, but I will not be attending this year. We have such a large number of people that we reserve a park for a few hours on a Saturday. The agenda stays basically the same each year. The Big Twelve - my brothers and sisters - and our spouses meet on Friday evening for dinner and a business meeting. At approximately the same time but in a different location, the adult cousins and their spouses meet for an evening of food and fun together. The Saturday event is for all ages and includes more food, fun and visiting together. I am not able to attend every year, but I enjoy the reunions I attend very much because of the overflowing amount of love and concern we show to each other. I am positive that our parents are proud of the way we continue to be good friends as well as siblings.

I highly recommend family reunions. There is nothing quite like being with family!

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