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Friday, November 7, 2014

Good Marriages

                Good marriages strengthen families, communities, and nations.  Any family is strengthened when those who stand at head of it – the husband and wife, father and mother – stand together for the good of that family.  Good marriages do not just happen but must be cultivated.

                Heather Hale published an article in the Deseret News about one year ago entitled “The 10 marriage commandments:  How to make daily choices to love your spouse.”  The article is making the rounds on Facebook and has some very good ideas on how to strengthen marriages.

                “… Every marriage is as unique as the people living it.  But there re some universal commandments that can make every marriage better.
                “Whether you’re a newlywed or a veteran spouse, here are 10 marriage commandments that will help you stay in love, deepen your connection, and bring peace to your household.”  Any couple who follows these commandments will learn to love each other more and bring greater strength to their marriage and family.

                Hale then listed the following excellent “commandments:”  (1) Thou shalt show respect, (2) Thou shalt be affectionate, (3) Thou shalt communicate, (4) Thou shalt forgive, (5) Thou shalt be kind, (6) Thou shalt be appreciative, (7) Thou shalt be loyal, (8) Thou shalt find balance, (9) Thou shalt be honest, and (10) Thou shalt make decisions together.

                Increasing love is not the only way a good marriage can strengthen a family.  A new study from the National Marriage Project, authored by W. Bradford Wilcox and Robert Lerman, states that “marriage’s economic benefits are numerous….  Being raised by married parents is connected to better economic wellbeing for your adults.  So is being married as an adult.”

                Wilcox and Lerman explained:  “These two trends reinforce each other….  Growing up with both parents increases your odds of becoming highly educated, which in turn leads to higher odds of being married as an adult.  Both the added education and marriage result in higher income levels.”

                The study shows that young men reared by married parents earn an average of $6,500 more annually while young women reared by married parents earn $4,700 more annually than their peers who grow up in single-parent families. 

                When parents are married and keep their marriage strong, they bless and strengthen their children in many ways.  When families are stronger, they strengthen their communities and nations.

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