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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What Now?

                Republicans rode a wave of voter unhappiness to capture control of the U.S. Senate.  I am happy to see those results, but I am wondering if it will make any difference.  Now that Republicans will control both the Senate and the House of Representatives, will they lead with republican principles and move our nation away from the cliff we are currently heading towards - or will they continue to act Democrat-lite and keep us going where we are now headed?  Were enough conservatives elected to keep the Republican establishment from following the direction of the Democrats?

                Newly re-elected Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky), most likely the new Senate Majority Leader believes that voters are “hungry for new leadership.  They want a reason to be hopeful.”  Will he remember this when he takes control of the Senate in January and give us some good, solid leadership?

                Will Barack Obama go wild with his Executive Orders such as promising amnesty before Christmas?  Jon Karl of ABC News reported during election coverage Tuesday that according to White House officials “the president will move forward with an executive order on immigration reform `no matter how big a shellacking Democrats get tonight.’”  In other words White House officials are saying that Mr. Obama will continue to do what he desires but will be more aggressive and defiant.  If Congress will not work with him, he will go it alone with his “pen and phone” and do all he can to move his agenda forward.

                Charles Hurt published his analysis/opinion  of the election shortly after midnight on Wednesday morning.  “If President Obama suffered a `shellacking’ in the 2010 elections, then what he endured Tuesday night was nothing short of a vicious gangland beat down, the likes of which have rarely been seen before in the history of electoral politics.

                “This, of course, is a wonderful and well-deserved outcome.  But beware:  America now enters the two most dangerous years of her existence – or certainly the most dangerous since the Great Depression and possibly going all the way back to the Civil War.

                “Not to dismiss the promising results of Tuesday’s election.  Voters clearly and forcefully rejected the party, politics, and policies of President Obama.  They slapped his socialist agenda back into the days of Soviet gulags, where it belongs.  His grand visions of mighty government ruling unchecked over desperate ghettos have been snuffed out….

                “Voters rejected the craven, crass and Mafioso tactics of Senate Leader Harry Reid….  And voters also rejected the loony-toon delusions of House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi….  The silver lining for Democrats today is they now have the perfect excuse to bounce both of them out of leadership forever.

                “And this is where things get very, very dangerous for America.  President Obama still has two more years left in his final term.
                “Already, he has demonstrated again and again that he has no regard for the constitution or the legitimacy of laws when they do not suit his agenda.  He flaunts his disregard for the constitutional process, dismisses laws he doesn’t like and rewrites others.

                “He mocks the powers of Congress.  The Supreme Court has slapped him down more than any president in recent times….
                “Now come his very explicit threats to pass more illegal and unconstitutional presidential edicts to grant amnesty to illegal aliens already in the United States.  This, in turn, will issue invitations for millions more illegals to come streaming across the border….

                “It will not end at immigration.  Unchecked power is addictive.

                “Disowned by Democrats and made to feel irrelevant in this election, President Obama’s enormous and unjustified ego is deeply wounded.  He is frustrated and feels caged, cornered.  This is when people like him are most dangerous….”

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