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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Planned Parenthood

                Earlier this month the Center for Medical Progress released a video – the first in its “Human Capital” series – “a nearly 3-year-long investigative journalism study of Planned Parenthood’s illegal trafficking of aborted fetal parts.”  The video shows an executive from Planned Parenthood describing the sale of fetal body parts – and doing it over lunch.  

                A week ago the Center for Medical Progress released another video.  This video allegedly shows a senior executive at Planned Parenthood negotiating the price of body parts from an aborted baby.  This video adds to allegations of Planned Parenthood profiting from abortions.

                Amid these allegations, black pro-life leaders are calling for the organization to be defunded.  One reason for their demand is what they call “targeting” of their community.  Catherine David of the National Black Pro-Life Coalition told The Daily Signal:  “It’s an open secret that they are targeting the black community, that they have located their facilities within a two-mile walking radius of a black or Latino neighborhood … and they are coming after black women.”

                I have long been a critic of Planned Parenthood and am not surprised by the information coming out.  I am appalled at the depravity of the people at Planned Parenthood but not surprised.  Besides receiving taxpayer money, Planned Parenthood receives direct donations from more than three dozen companies.  The first report I read listed 41 companies, but now there are 39.  Two of the companies – Xerox and Ford Motor Company claim they have not made any donations and requested Planned Parenthood remove their names from the list.  Get the complete list here.  

                I am surprised at some of the companies listed as donors to Planned Parenthood.  I am disappointed to find many of the names on the list because I do business with them.  I have a dilemma – do I stop doing business with them now and uproot a big part of my life or do I wait to see what they do now that they know what Planned Parenthood really does with their money and why?

                I am very much pro-life and anti-abortion.  I hope Planned Parenthood gets shut down entirely; at the very least, I hope they abandoned by any government unit whether it be local, state or federal.  I do not want any of my tax money going to an organization that kills babies and especially when they do it in order to sell the little body parts.  How disgusting can they get?

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