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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

More on Planned Parenthood

                Congress is now involved with the fiasco with Planned Parenthood about harvesting and selling body parts from aborted unborn babies.  Senator Rand Paul (Kentucky) said he is preparing a bill to defund Planned Parenthood in the U.S. Senate.  Several House Republicans took steps to immediately defund Planned Parenthood after the video controversy. House Speaker John Boehner did immediately commit to blocking funding for the abortion provider.  He insisted that he wanted “Facts first.”  

                Sarah Torre of The Heritage Foundation seems happy to provide eight facts to the Speaker of the House.  Her eight facts are briefly as follows.

                “Fact #1:  Planned Parenthood Has Become a Billion-Dollar Organization on the Backs of Taxpayers.  Planned Parenthood has ridden the waves of taxpayer funding to millions of dollars in annual surpluses….”

                “Fact #2:  Planned Parenthood Performs 1 in 3 Abortions in the U.S. n the 2013-2014 reporting year alone, Planned Parenthood reported performing 327,653 abortions – and nearly 1 million abortions over the past three years….”

                “Fact #3:  Parenthood has Decreased Preventive Care, While Increasing Abortions.  While, according to the organization’s most recent report, Planned Parenthood affiliates performed 327,653 abortions during the last reporting year, they made only 1,880 adoption referrals and provided just 18,684 prenatal services….”

                “Fact #4:  Planned Parenthood Has Been Accused of Financial Fraud with Taxpayer Dollars….”

                “Fact #5:  Planned Parenthood Fights Commonsense Laws that Protect Women and Children….”

                “Fact #6:  Planned Parenthood Stands Accused of Jeopardizing the Safety and Health of Women and Girls….”

                “Fact #7:  Women Can Receive Wider Range of Care at Other Centers….”

                “Fact #8:  Planned Parenthood Advances a Culture that Devalues Life….”

                Ms. Torre urged Congress to stop funding Planned Parenthood:  “Regardless of the outcome of the very necessary congressional inquiry, there is no reason to continue entangling federal money with an organization nearly all of whose pregnancy-related services are abortion procedures.

                “There is nothing stopping individuals, organizations and businesses from continuing to fund Planned Parenthood with private dollars (although, requests by Coca-Cola, Ford and Xerox to remove their names from Planned Parenthood’s corporate donors list may be indication that even the private sector isn’t too happy with the latest, horrific revelations about the non-profit).

                “Policymakers looking to put limited taxpayer funds to more efficient and effective use should redirect those dollars to centers and clinics that can provide more comprehensive care for women.  All women – but especially those facing difficult circumstances – deserve better care for their health and more options than the cold doors of an abortion facility.

                “No society that is truly committed to protecting basic human rights can continue funding an industry that harms women, takes the lives of the most vulnerable children and cheapens our respect for life – especially when its leader allegedly harvests and sells tiny organs for profit.

                “Those should be all the facts Congress needs to end funding of Planned Parenthood.”

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