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Monday, October 19, 2015

Elder D. Todd Christofferson

                Do you know any apostle or prophet?  I have shaken hands with several apostles, but I did not know them at all personally.  My mother-in-law graduated from high school with Elder Boyd K. Packer and knew him to be a “good boy.”  My son lives down the street from Elder D.Todd Christofferson, and my son-in-law has traveled with him as a photographer. My daughter-in-law is a good friend of his wife Kathy.  My husband and I have attended church in their ward enough times that Elder and Sister Christofferson know our names and our home town.  Can we be considered friends of the Apostle and his wife?  I would probably be stretching the truth to suggest we are friends with them, but I can truthfully claim to be an acquaintance.

                When I decided to make Elder Christofferson my VIP for this week, I did a little research on him and discovered that we are very close to the same age.  He holds a special place in my heart simply because I know him.  He is an Apostle of the Lord, and yet he and his wife act like any other member of their ward.  We were in attendance in their sacrament meeting when Elder and Sister Christofferson were the speakers for their Christmas program and gave exceptional talks.  At the beginning of the Sunday School class, the class president made the comment that the “sacrament meeting talks were okay” and got a chuckle out of the other people.

                Sister Christofferson is one of the Gospel Doctrine teachers in their ward, and Elder Christofferson sometimes presents a part of her lesson.  He quite often shares his thoughts on what is being taught whether or not she is teaching.  It is really nice to be taught by an Apostle in Sunday School.  Sister Christofferson often opens her home for Relief Society functions in her ward and makes beautiful gingerbread houses.  I was surprised on one visit to see their names on the list of assignments to clean the meetinghouse.  I suppose they were there fulfilling their duties as members of the ward unless they were traveling for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

                I have watched as Elder and Sister Christofferson interact with members of their ward.  It is obvious to me that both brothers and sisters honor his position as an Apostle, and yet there is true friendship among the members of the ward.  I think Elder Christofferson must always have a smile on his face because I have never seen him without one.  Joy, happiness, and contentment seem to be a part of him.  He treats his wife with love and respect at all times, and she returns the same to him.  I enjoy watching as they interact with each other.

                Knowing him personally – even though not well – makes me feel like I have a special connection with him, and I listen a little closer to the words he speaks in General Conference.  Knowing an Apostle and his wife has been a great blessing in my life!

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