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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Divine Intervention

                The election of Donald Trump as the next President of the United States came as a surprise for millions of Americans. Many were in shock when he won the election. Polls and media all said that Hillary Clinton would win the election, and there was no reason to doubt their ideas.

                Trump claimed the first Electoral College votes. Then North Carolina and Florida were called for Trump. The votes continued to add up until he had more than the required 270 votes.

                Some people are talking about how the Trump election was divine intervention from God. Did God raise up Donald Trump – like Cyrus – for such a time as this? 

                Pastor Jeremiah Johnson did not know much about Trump when he wrote these words in July 2015: "I was in a time of prayer several weeks ago when God began to speak to me concerning the destiny of Donald Trump in America. The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, `Trump shall become My trumpet to the American people, for he possesses qualities that are even hard to find in My people these days. Trump does not fear man nor will he allow deception and lies to go unnoticed. I am going to use him to expose darkness and perversion in America like never before, but you must understand that he is like a bull in a china closet. Many will want to throw him away because he will disturb their sense of peace and tranquility, but you must listen through the bantering to discover the truth
that I will speak through him. I will use the wealth that I have given him to expose and launch investigations searching for the truth. Just as I raised up Cyrus to fulfill My purposes and plans prior to the 2016 election. You must listen to the trumpet very closely for he will sound the alarm and many will be blessed because of his compassion and mercy. Though many see the outward pride and arrogance, I have given him the tender heart of a father that wants to lend a helping hand to the poor and the needy, to the foreigner and the stranger.’”

                Dr. Lance Wallnau is a Christian speaker and leadership coach. He too said that he feels God raised Trump up to help our nation. He believes that God will use Trump as a “wrecking ball to the spirit of political correctness.”

                I believe that God could have raised up Trump to help our nation. I know that millions of people have been praying for our nation. I believe that God could have answered our prayers by helping Trump win the election.

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