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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Pointing the Finger at Guns

            Another mass shooting took place Sunday night in Las Vegas, NV. Right on cue – and without letting a crisis go to waste – liberals began calling for more gun control. Anyone who believes that the answer is more gun laws is not thinking straight because taking guns away from good guys will not stop the bad guys. There are solutions to the problem, but more gun control is not one of them.

            Doc substituted for Glenn Beck this week, and he listed some solutions to the gun violence problem in our nation: (1) better mental health services available to more people; (2) a freer, better economy; (3) more guns in the rights hands; (4) less government oppression, and (5) more opportunity. He suggests that we develop a society that values human life.

            Robert Laurie posted an article titled “Vegas is what happens when a nation turns its back on morality,abandons personal responsibility.” He reminds us that not too long ago, students took guns to school on the school bus. The weapons were used for marksmanship class or a shooting meet and were stored in students’ lockers during the school day. When I was a high school student, boys took their rifles to school, locked them in their vehicles during the day, and hunted deer with them on their way home. There were zero gun incidents while I was in high school. Laurie states the following.

That’s the reality of the country in which we live, and despite what late night talk show hosts, pretend Presidents, and Hollywood gun-grabbers would have you believe, it’s not about guns…. Firearms catch the blame, because it’s easy to blame tools, but the implement used in horrific attacks like the one in Las Vegas are scapegoats….

The real culprit is … all of us. We’re the denizens of a nation that, either through decisions or attrition, turned its back on its morality, abandoned the concept of personal responsibility, and embraced self-destruction in the name of convenience. We created – or allowed the creation – of the America we deserve.

Our popular culture mocks the virtuous and makes heroes of the evil. We reward our worst impulses and openly ridicule the “better angels of our nature.” One political party booed the very concept of God out of its convention. Satanic displays are given equal footing with Christmas displays and mangers. For cripes sake, Lucifer has his own TV show – and he’s the hero.

As I said, we’re all to blame. We all let this happen, either by contributing to it or to shrugging our shoulders and staying silent as the decay set in.

Honestly, I have no idea how – or if – we can turn it around. I genuinely don’t know if enough people want to.

            I believe that it is possible to turn our nation around, but I do not think that it will happen. Just the fact that liberals are turning the massacre into a political debate on gun control shows how far down the slippery slope we have fallen. The only way to change our nation is to change the people, and the only way to change the people is to soften their heart. The only person that can soften hearts is Jesus Christ. So, the only way to turn our nation from the violence culture that we currently have is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and call people to repentance. How do you think that would go over in our day and age? Me neither. My suggestion is that you put your own house in order and prepare for the Savior to return to earth. 

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