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Friday, January 12, 2018

A Place to Study

            Families, communities, and nations are strengthened when individuals have a place to do their best studying. When a person has a comfortable place to study, it is easier to go to it. Each person needs a place free from distraction and comfortable enough to do the work.

            As part of a personal effort to improve my own study skills, I am reading a book titled The World Book of Study Power, volume 1, and I am attempting to share a little of what I learn with my readers. Teaching others what I have learned helps to solidify the information in my own brain and is, therefore, a valuable learning tool. Most of the information that follows, including quotes and ideas, come from this book.

            The best place to study is one that will make studying easier to do. This place needs to be a place where you can start studying immediately and remain studying until the assignment is finished. Once you determine your special place, you should arrange it the way that you desire.

            My husband recently had surgery to repair a rotator cuff. I wanted my study area to be close to the bedroom in order for me to hear him. I moved my lap top computer and study materials to a card table in a nearby bedroom. I am now about twenty feet from him where I can easily hear him if he needs attention. He has enough quiet to get his rest, and I have enough quiet to complete my assignments. This arrangement works well for both of us, especially because I am putting ice on his shoulder for thirty minutes, taking it off for thirty minutes, and then putting it back on – all day long.

            According to the book, there are some basic necessities for successful study. One of those basic needs is a writing surface, but there are other needs.

A basic requirement for any study or workspace is a writing surface. For many people, that surface will be a desk or table. Others prefer to stretch out on the floor. Of course, even if your concentration is much greater while you’re lying on your stomach, you’ll probably be able to indulge in that luxury only at home! The most important thig is to be comfortable enough to concentrate, but not comfortable to the point of falling asleep.

Being aware of how you sit or stand will help you concentrate longer. Support your head, neck, shoulders, and lower back by sitting with good posture. Improper support can lead to tension and fatigue, which in turn can lead to discomfort, backaches, and loss of concentration…

Your desk or worktable should have enough space for you to spread out your papers, books, and supplies. You might want to keep reference books, such as a dictionary, thesaurus, and atlas, on your desk. Bookshelves and file cabinets can be handy as well.

            Parents can hopefully help their child or children to prepare comfortable study areas,   where they can concentrate on their studies. They may want to have a study place close to you or prefer a private area. Either way, by helping your child to succeed in school will strengthen your family as well as your community and nation.

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