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Friday, January 26, 2018

Organizing Your Time

            Families, communities, and nations are blessed by individuals who can organize their time well and fill it with good deeds. It is said that busy people are more apt to accomplish a given task than those who have lots of time.    Busy people use calendars and other such helps to schedule their time. By using a schedule they allot so much time for each task. This helps them to accomplish more because most people do not have enough time to do a task unless they schedule for it. The same is true for students.

            As part of a personal effort to improve my own study skills, I am reading a book titled The World Book of Study Power, volume 1, and I am attempting to share a little of what I learn with my readers. Teaching others what I have learned helps to solidify the information in my own brain and is, therefore, a valuable learning tool. Most of the information that follows, including the following quote, comes from this book.

Everyone has the same number of minutes to spend in every day. Despite this, some people get a lot done and some get very little done. Why? Perhaps what matters is not how much time you have but how you spend that time. The issue is quality: “How well do I spend my time?” and not quantity: “How much time do I have?”

To increase the quality of the time you spend, you’ll need a schedule. Face the fact that your time is just like money – it’s going to get spent, one way or the other. It’s up to you to decide what you want it spent on. A schedule is a plan for spending time, just as your budget helps you spend your money wisely and save whenever possible.
            It is important that we learn to not over schedule our time.

 We should not accept more work than we can actually handle. None of us has an endless amount of time because each day has only 24 hours for each of us. We can burn the candle at both ends of our day trying to fit more activities into our lives, but eventually our bodies will wear out for lack of sleep. Any good schedule allows enough time for sleep, eating healthy meals, proper exercise, and personal relationships. 
            The best way to get the most out of our day is to use a schedule our time. We need to plan our day, and then work our plan. Parents can increase their child’s chances of success by helping them learn to schedule their time and then make their schedule work for them. Remember, busy people are the ones who get things done, and people who get things done strengthen families, communities, and nations.

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