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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Illegal Immigrants Are Playing Politics

            The foreigners who enter our nation illegally or overstay their visas are playing politics. President Donald Trump was investigated for two years on trumped-up charges that Russians were influencing the presidential election. They most likely were, but there was no proof that Trump was involved with them. 

Another group of people truly are affecting politics, and they do it openly. Foreign nationals are using our political system to advance their own interests in our nation. They openly march in our streets and lobby our lawmakers. Even though they are in our nation illegally, these activists loudly voice their opinions about our politics. This may be changing. 

Vice News says that the Department of Homeland Security may be targeting foreigners who are engaging in American political activity. “Since President Trump took office, ICE has arrested at least 20 undocumented activists. As that figure continues to rise, advocates across the country increasingly worry they’re being targeted because of their activism – not their immigration status.”

It seems plain to me that they are being targeted because their activism shouts that they are here illegally. What is the Department of Homeland Security supposed to do? Are they supposed to cover their ears and turn their backs on the foreigners who are shouting, “Look at me! I am illegal, and I want to tell you how to vote!”

Columnist Monica Showalter says that there are several reasons the behavior of such foreign nationals is wrong. The first reason is that they “make themselves and their lawbreaking as shamelessly public as possible.”

Her second reason is that the activism of foreign nationals “acts as an incentive to encourage more illegal immigration…. It’s so poorly enforced that even illegal immigrants can partake in the political rights of U.S. citizens in their own country no less.”

Her third reason is that others will “think that living in opposition to U.S. laws, engaging in rage against the U.S. – instead of just learning to assimilate and adjust to U.S. laws – is the best way to benefit from life in the U.S.”

Her last reason is that “Engaging in open political activity as a foreigner is expressly against the law in countries such as Mexico, Central American nations, and pretty much every country that dispatches illegal immigrants to the U.S.”

Another reason that should be added is that illegal immigrants often steal the identity of Americans – sometimes living and sometimes dead – and live as though they belong here. 

I personally am pleased to know that Homeland Security is targeting the loud-mouth activists. They do not belong in America in the first place, and they do not have any right to participate in American politics at all.

Jason Snead at The Daily Signal writes that a Mexican citizen was convicted by a jury in California on August 23, 2019, for identity theft and voter fraud. He took the identity of a dead U.S. citizen two decades ago and has been voting in elections. Liberals are calling attention to him because he is conservative and supports Trump. 

Another illegal immigrant stole another man’s identity and eventually became a member of the Anchorage Police Department. He was well-liked on the police force and in the community. He was hard-working and professional – and very illegal.

I hope that Homeland Security rounds up many of the loud-mouth activists and sends them back where they belong. We have too many American troublemakers to have to deal with foreign ones!

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