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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The Bible, the Constitution, and Socialism

            I have known for many years that scripture study was a good habit in my life. It helps me to stay strong spiritually, and it helps me to treat my family and other people with more love. However, I did not know that I would need scripture study to refute political statements. This is the situation to which Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) and others recently responded.

            Democrats/liberals/progressives are not opposed to rewriting the Bible to prove their policies are correct. This time it was Rev. William Barber, a speaker at a Democratic National Committee meeting in San Francisco. Next time it may be someone else. Barber had the audacity to equate both the Constitution and the Bible with socialism.

When we embrace moral language, we must ask, does our policy care for the least of these? Does it lift up those who are most marginalized and dejected in our society? Does it establish justice? That is the moral question….

If someone calls it socialism, then we must compel them to acknowledge that the Bible must then promote socialism, because Jesus offered free health care to everyone, and he never charged a leper a co-pay….

The Bible says a nation will be judged by how it treats the poor and the sick and women and the immigrants…. The Bible says that God makes it rain on the just and the unjust alike. If you want to call caring for folks socialism, then the Constitution is a socialist document because it calls us to promote the general welfare and to establish justice.

            The so-called reverend obviously does not know what the Bible says, and he does not understand the Constitution. Apparently, the people listening to him do not know either because they stood and cheered what was being said. However, Crenshaw did not give him a pass and responded with the following tweet.

Deliberate misreading of Biblical principles by DNC to promote socialism.

The Bible teaches charity with one’s own time and money.

Socialism teaches charity with other people’s time and money.

So…not the same thing. 

            Crenshaw was not the only one to come to the defense of Christ’s teachings. Todd Collins tweeted, “Barber you are completely wrong and so far off base. You need further research before championing socialism in connection with the Bible. In the end the final outcome of socialism does not look very Christ like at all.” Mike Nordstrom tweeted, “Incredibly ignorant person at DNC meeting says Jesus supported Socialism and so does our Constitution. This level of stupid is dangerous.” There were other comments, and all of them showed that their writers knew more about the teachings of Jesus Christ than the “reverend” does.

            Yes, Jesus Christ did freely heal people by using the Melchizedek Priesthood, not by giving them free healthcare. Yes, we will be judged individually and as a nation on how we treat the poor, sick, afflicted, women and immigrants, but we will be judged on the charity of our hearts rather than the size of our bank accounts.

            Socialism is the opposite of the teachings of Jesus Christ and the principles in the U.S. Constitution. Jesus Christ invites His followers to be charitable, but He never forces them to give of their time or money. In addition, He blesses them and leaves them in better condition for having given charity.

            The Constitution was written to “promote the general welfare” of the nation, not to provide welfare to individuals in need. It was written to establish justice for all people – black and white, men and women, poor and rich, sick and healthy, citizen and …? Oh wait, the Constitution was written for citizens of the United States, not foreigners who sneak into our nation. 

            Next time Barber or anyone else attempts to rewrite the Bible and/or the statements of Jesus Christ, I suggest that they do more Bible study. Barber was preaching false doctrine for political power. He was roundly countered by Crenshaw and others, and he will be held accountable by God.

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