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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

What Can We Expect from the Durham Investigation?

            An announcement made recently by Attorney General William Barr disappointed many conservatives about the width and depth of John Durham’s investigation. These disappointed conservatives believe that former President Barack Obama and his Vice President Joe Biden are guilty of crimes against America and have been waiting anxiously to see them brought to justice.

Barr dampened their hopes a bit when he said the following about Obama and Biden: “As to President Obama and Vice President Biden, whatever their level of involvement, based on the information I have today, I don’t expect Mr. Durham’s work will lead to a criminal investigation of either man.” He said that Durham is focused on investigating other people.

Last week two Republican senators released a recently declassified list of people from the Obama administration that requested intelligence reports unmasking information on former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. The name of Joe Biden was on the list, which connects the list to Barack Obama. The list is important because “a senior U.S.government official leaked classified details of Flynn’s call with Russia’s ambassador to The Washington Post on Jan. 12, 2017.” 

Unmasking of Americans who make connect with foreign officials seems to be a common event. However, it is usually a serious crime to show classified material to anyone that does not have a security clearance high enough to see it. We know that Durham is investigating the origins for the Russian Collusion Hoax, but we do not know if Durham has investigated the unmasking of Flynn. 

Barr did not say anything about it when he said, “I have a general idea of how Mr. Durham’s investigation is going. As I have indicated, some aspects of the matter are being examined as potential crimes.” He added, “Not every abuse of power, no matter how outrageous, is necessarily a federal crime.” Barr’s statement makes me believe that officials can abuse the power bestowed on them by the American to some aspect, but the abuse would not necessarily be a federal crime.

An additional statement by Barr comforts me about the rule of law in our nation: “As long as I’m attorney general, the criminal justice system will not be used for partisan political ends. This is especially true for the upcoming elections in November.” In other words, the FBI will not be snooping around Joe Biden, and the IRS will not be withholding tax exempt status from Democrat supporters – much different than what took place in the last election.

I am in the group that was hoping for Obama and Biden to “be brought to justice” for the damage that they did to America. I believe, as do numerous other people, that the corruption in the Democrat Party went to the highest levels of government – the Oval Office. I was disappointed, but I am thinking differently about it now after reading a couple of articles.

This article quotes several people, one of which emphasized that the call between Flynn and the Russian ambassador was not one of the calls that were unmasked. He suggested that it did not meet any of the three criteria for unmasking by the FBI, but it could have been spied on by the CIA on order from the President of the United States. The CIA spies on people outside the United States, and Flynn was in the Dominican Republic at the time that the Russian ambassador called him. I still do not know the name of the official that leaked classified information, but I understand a little better how spying might have happened on the call.

The article also gave me better understanding about the idea of indicting, convicting, and throwing Obama and Biden in prison for the rest of their lives. The author reminded readers of the fiasco that the United States has endured for the past three years with investigations of Trump. If Obama were prosecuted, it would set a terrible precedent for future presidents of either party, both before and after elections.

… Such a spectacle would draw worldwide attention and obliterate everything else our country needed to be doing that would have more impact on our country’s, and even the world’s, future.

If there were a trial, it would go on for years, and that wouldn’t even include all the appeals. No matter how it concluded, whether it was an acquittal, a partial conviction, a hung jury, or a jury nullification, it would still be argued for decades. Either way, Obama would be a hero to millions throughout the world, and he could go on another anti-American world tour as a victim of an unfair justice system. The ones who actually did the crimes at his direction would be brushed aside in the frenzy and even forgotten.

But it appears that A.G. Barr and Michael Horowitz are leaving nothing undiscovered and fully intend to proceed with criminal prosecutions. If those who did the crimes under Obama’s orders and direction have to hire hugely expensive attorneys, perhaps even sell their homes, as General Flynn had to do, they will be angry, very angry at Obama’s getting a pass. They will tell all on each other and on him.

Obama will be helpless to stop it. He will not be able to deny anything in the courtroom, and more truth will come out than if he himself were on trial. He will have to watch his own destruction.

            After reading this article, I can see clearly that Obama could be left high and dry without any support or excuse. We know that the bad actors are starting to retain lawyers, and we can see that they are getting nervous about Durham’s investigation. The above outcome would be interesting to watch and quite satisfactory. Everyone in the world would have the truth, so it would do Obama no good to attempt to talk himself out of a terrible situation. Maybe those who think of Obama as a God would be convinced of his corruption. Maybe his supporters would see why so many of us did not like Obama. Oh, the satisfaction that could come to millions of Americans who had to endure his presidency and insults!

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