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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

What Do You Think Will Happen with General Flynn and the FBI?

            Three weeks into the new Trump Administration, the newly appointed national security advisor, retired Army lieutenant general Michael Flynn, resigned. During his three weeks of service, he was interviewed by two FBI agents and accused of lying about conversations with representatives for Russia. He resigned due to lack of trust in him by the President and Vice President. However, facts are coming to light showing that the FBI entrapped Flynn.

            The FBI arrested General Flynn and threatened to imprison his son if he did not plead guilty to making false statements. Flynn subsequently declared bankruptcy and had to sell his house to pay debts. He changed his attorney and recently filed a motion to withdraw his guilty plea and to have the court dismiss the case. His new lawyer found that the “government and his own former legal team were not turning over exculpatory evidence.” 

            A batch of documents from the FBI were released last week, and they show evidence of FBI agents plotting against Flynn. At this point, it looks like Flynn could be exonerated and former leaders in the FBI prosecuted. 

If Flynn is not completely exonerated and the charges dropped, I expect that President Donald Trump will pardon him. He has even suggested that he would invite Flynn to rejoin his cabinet.

There are calls now for the current FBI Director Christopher Wray to decide where he stands. Is he going to help the FBI come clean and become great again, or is he going to continue to stonewall every effort to get documents out of the FBI? The House Judiciary panel sent a letter to Wray asking for all FBI documents that refer to “Crossfire Razor,” the FBI’s code name for Flynn. They want to know why the FBI continued investigating Flynn after they determined that there was no evidence that he was a Russian agent. They want to interview the two FBI agents that interviewed Flynn, and they want to know when Wray “first learned that FBI officials might have delayed the disclosure of exculpatory information related to Flynn.” 

It seems obvious that the FBI, at least the former top officials of the FBI, were out of control. They seem to have taken the law into their own hands and made it do what they wanted rather than bring justice according to the law. They had the victim and were looking for a crime rather than having a crime and finding the perpetrator.

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