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Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Should Biological Males Be Allowed on Female Sports Teams?

             The liberty principle for this Freedom Friday is the need to use common sense. Any unbiased person can look at six-foot-tall man and a five-foot-tall woman and recognize that the man would have numerous advantages over a female on any track team or other sports team. I do not know of anyone who has accused President Joe Biden as having common sense – or much sense at all.

            Since his first day in office, Biden has been busy signing executive orders, and one of them has to do with putting transgender men on women’s sports teams. According to Biden and many liberals, “transgender equality is the civil rights issue of our time.” They claim that it is only fair to all transgender women to compete against biological women. Not everyone agrees with them.

            According to Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council, “New research in the British Journal of Sports Medicine says no.” In fact, “People across the political spectrum” agree that biological boys should not be allowed to compete against girls. 

In an unlikely coalition, outspoken LGBT activists have joined forces with soccer moms and conservatives to fight for the right to keep competition on a level playing field. Groups like Save Women’s Sports popped up, working in state legislatures like Idaho to keep the two genders separate….

The science, it turns out, supports them. In a study that even NBC felt compelled to cover, Dr. Timothy Roberts found that men undergoing a female transition still have a competitive biological edge…. Roberts made these discoveries studying Air Force servicemen and women who were in the process of transitioning. After several months of hormones and other treatment, the men in transition were still able to do more push-ups and run faster than their female counterparts.

            Even though the Air Force study is not “the same as being in the Olympics,” the two situations are comparable. There are researchers and doctors who disagree with Roberts’ findings, but other doctors agree. Dr. Michelle Cretella and other doctors have been saying for years that men and women are “profoundly and genetically different in ways that no medicine or surgery can change.” According to Cretella, “[M]en and women have – at a minimum – 6,500 genetic differences between us. And this impacts every cell of our bodies – our organ systems, how diseases manifest, how we diagnose, and even treat in some cases.”

            Even though the Nation Collegiate Athletic Association and many school districts downplay the differences, most Americans do not. According to Perkins, “most Americans can see through the political correctness to common sense. In polling late last year in 10 battleground states, 75% of voters said they object to mixed-gender sports.”

            Nicole Russell writes on this topic from the position of “a mother with two daughters.” She wonders if Biden is concerned about her daughters and other girls and women who just want to compete on a level playing field.

When males who “identify” as females compete against females, they place females at a competitive disadvantage. Male bodies present obvious physiological advantages: They have more muscle mass and less body fat than females. They have larger hearts and lungs, as well as greater bone density.

Even male hips are positioned differently, giving them the ability to run faster than women, on average. Biological and physiological differences between males and females are obvious and recognized, and it’s hardly a groundbreaking concept.

Yet to require biological males and females to compete against each other, under the guise of anti-discrimination laws, is to require that we as a society either deny these scientific facts or state that Title IX is now null and void.

We cannot accept both that men and women are exactly the same and that women are protected from sex discrimination.

            Russell is asking the nation’s representatives of the people to use common sense. Men and women are either the same, or they are different. They cannot be equal and different at the same time. Anyone with common sense can recognize this fact to be true. Biological males do not have a right to play on the same teams as biological female. They should remain on male teams, or transgender teams should be created for them.

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