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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

What Difference Did Election Reform Have in Georgia in 2022?

The State of Georgia reformed its election law in 2021. Democrats and other leftists went crazy and claimed that the new law would suppress voting. The Coca-Cola Company and Major League Baseball were two of the corporations that acted outrageously.

According to Fred Lucas at The Daily Signal, the Honest Elections Project now wants to hold the two corporations responsible and has started a five-figure ad campaign targeting them. The election integrity group claims that the lies were proven by the elections in November. 

The organization bought a full-page ad in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution calling for Coca-Cola to issue an apology.

The ad notes that Coke said the Georgia law would deter voting, even though Georgia had record early and absentee voting for the 2022 midterm elections. The ad concludes: “Coca-Cola should apologize for putting woke politics over safe and secure elections.”

It also paid for a billboard truck to drive around Major League Baseball’s Winter Meetings this week in San Diego. The billboard said, “Apologize. MLB lied about Georgia’s election law and moved the All-Star game,” and “MLB should apologize to Georgia for its $100 million lie.”

Republican Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed legislation in 2021 that “extended voter ID requirements to absentee balloting, established guidelines for ballot drop boxes, aimed to shorten lines at polling places, and gave the State Election Board more oversight over election administration in the counties.

The strengthening of the laws did not suppress voting. The voter turn out in the primary election was “about four times higher than in 2018, the last non-presidential year.” In the 2022 general election, “Early voting hit a record high” with voting being lower on Election Day. However, the “overall turnout was similar to the 2018 election, according to [the Atlanta Journal-Constitution].

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