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Monday, December 12, 2022

Where Are the Conservative Republicans?

My VIP for this week is Daniel Horowitz who quoted scripture in his recent article at The Blaze. I recognized it immediately because I studied it in my Come, Follow Me studies last week. Horowitz compared Republicans to the people in Jerusalem in Haggai’s day. Haggai called the Jews to repentance with these words: “Consider your ways: You have sown much and you bring in little. You eat without being satiated. You drink without getting your fill. You dress, and it has no warmth. And he who profits, profits into a bundle with holes.” (See Haggai 1:5-6.) 

The Lord, through His prophet Haggai, was chastening the Jews for not building a temple because they were spending so much time and money building houses for themselves. Horowitz, on the other hand, was chastising Republicans for being too much like the Democrats.

No matter how much the Republican Party cheats on its base – committing sins that the eyes cannot unsee – conservatives continue to slavishly genuflect to the party’s every whim and offer to carry water for Republicans. They treat Republicans as the masters rather than the servants. They believe we must support them at any cost rather than understanding that they need our support to even exist, because Democrats already locked up the voters they truly desire. Conservative influencers continue to view themselves as loyal Republicans and refuse to explore any blunt force trauma to this perfidious party that would force a cathartic moment when either we finally take over the party or we have a critical mass to either start a new one or use the GOP only for ballot access but form a party within a party.

The scope of the problem is not limited to a few RINOs. In fact, we are the RINOs. With the exception of a handful of Republicans who accidentally win office, almost every elected Republican is either indifferent or downright on the other side of the issues that really matter, in the way they matter, and at the time they matter. Just consider that only one senator and only one governor are fighting the issue of our time – biomedical tyranny. Or the fact that not only did a bunch of Republicans vote with Democrats to codify gay marriage as a right against religious liberty, but not a single leadership member in either party spoke out against it and none whipped against it.

In order to secure our votes, they pretend to be with us on the issues that don’t matter, or in the way and at the time they don’t matter. Then they employ a brilliant tactic to keep us on the plantation – threaten us with the prospect of the Democrat winning, the very same Democrats they work with on the issues that matter.

Horowitz continued by explaining what will happen if conservatives continue to vote for RINOs who “have no problem working with the Democrats.” Such Republicans will use the argument “but the Democrats” to convince conservatives to vote for them, while all the time society moves steadily to the left. As it is, according to Horowitz, Republicans acts “as the forward advance guard or the getaway car for the Democrats.” In other words, Republicans are doing the “one-two step” to help Democrats pass their legislation.      

While suggesting several ways that Republicans can change the situation, Horowitz says that the federal government is lost. He then suggested that conservatives seek to gain control in local and state elections rather than worry about the Senate or House. Governors have more power as individuals than do either Senators or Representatives. I am beginning to believe that our Republic will be saved by the States rather than at the federal level.

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