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Thursday, October 5, 2023

What Are the Numbers?

The liberty principle for this Freedom Friday concerns the border crisis in the United States. We have a staggering, even overwhelming number of people crossing our border. Simon Hankinson published an article in The Daily Signal with the following numbers. 

3 million people, more or less, were “encountered” by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, which includes the Border Patrol, illegally entering the U.S. in fiscal year 2023 (which ended Sept. 30). [They would make a city third in size after New York City and Los Angeles.]

304,000 illegal aliens were encountered this August alone (the last month for which we have official government numbers). That’s the population of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

75% of August’s inadmissible aliens were freely let in by President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security….

425,000 unaccompanied alien children, as they are formally called, were let into the country between Biden taking office in January 2021 and today. That’s more kids than the Chicago school district, the third biggest in the country. To pay for their schooling along, let’s take a low estimate of Washington, D.C., school costs at $25,000 per student per year … [425,000 X $25,000 = $10.6 billion]. Even at the lower Texas or California yearly rate per student, we’re talking over $6 billion….

407,983 convicted criminal aliens are currently on Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s “non-detained docket” of over 5 million cases….

30,000 is the paltry number of the above convicted criminal aliens the Biden administration intends to deport in fiscal year 2023, according to its budget request to Congress, and again in fiscal year 2024….

116,000 inadmissible aliens were flown or bused to New York City, mostly by private charities using government grants, over the past 18 months. 60,000 are still living on the city’s welfare. The city is spending around $10 million per day to house them, more than $4.7 billion a year – an estimate that’s rising with every month….

8,100 illegal aliens arrived in San Diego, California, in the past two weeks, mostly sent there by the Department of Homeland Security…. For San Diego and Chicago, 8,000. For Denver, 411. For Martha’s Vineyard, 50.

1,440 American children died from 2012 to 2017 because the emergency rooms that treated them were not prepared to handle pediatric cases. Only 14% of ERs are certified to treat children….

433 illegal aliens are currently housed in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. (Side note: When 400 young Chicagoans looted a store in his city, Mayor Brandon Johnson took offense at them being called a “mob”; …

151 illegal migrants on the national terrorism watchlist have been encountered by Customs and Border Protection in fiscal year 2023 through the end of August….

21 is the number of suspected assault- and sexual battery-related incidents along the Washington and Old Dominion Trail outside Washington, D.C., for which a single illegal alien from Honduras – Juan Rodriguez Alfaro – was arrested last year….

The U.S is letting in, or allowing to sneak in, thousands of men a week with unknown or undiscoverable pasts….

We know that President Joe Biden is incompetent and incapable of governing the United States. We also strongly believe that Biden is not actually leading the nation but is just a figurehead. Since even incompetent people can do something right once in a while, the only answer to the staggering numbers concerning illegal immigration is intentional – not incompetence. We have people running our government who are trying to “fundamentally transform” America.

Do you like what you are seeing at the present time, or would you like a government that is acting for the good of America? If you like what you see, vote for a Democrat. If you want something better, then you must vote for Donald Trump because he is the only mortal that can possibly save America and the Constitution.

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