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Monday, October 2, 2023

Who Is Michael Guest?

My VIP for this week is Representative Michael Guest (R-Mississippi), vice chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. I chose him because he knows of the horrors of human trafficking - the modern form of slavery, and he is helping to keep the topic forefront in our minds and hearts. 

The movie “Sound of Freedom” is based on the experiences of Tim Ballard, a former Department of Homeland Security investigator. Ballard is played in the movie by actor Jim Caviezel. The movie is about human trafficking, which in the words of Caviezel, “is an evil that often preys on the most vulnerable in our society, our children.”

In his article published in The Daily Signal, Guest explained that he hears and sees “more than the average American does about the horrors depicted in ‘Sound of Freedom.’” He continued, “I knew these horrors existed. I knew children were exploited. But seeing ‘Sound of Freedom’ was a powerful reminder of those directly affected by these heinous crimes.” He continued:  

Not long after seeing the movie, I had the opportunity to hear directly from the real Ballard on his experience combating human trafficking. To look into the eyes of a man who had fought and seen these horrors firsthand – who had sacrificed so much to bring about justice and awareness of this evil – reminded me of the humanity of each person Ballard has rescued.

Ballard is a true hero. His story spans more than a movie. His story brings humanity to the border crisis.

For those who live far from our southern border, the border crisis can seem a world away. But Ballard has helped bring the border crisis home for many of us. As a father, seeing children torn from their families made real to me a horror that no parent [should ever] have to experience.

I’ve served on the Homeland Security Committee since I came to Congress, focusing on the issues surrounding the southern border. Border security shouldn’t be a partisan issue. The border crisis affects all Americans, and human trafficking is amplified because of it….

Securing our border is important for the safety and livelihoods of those who have been sold or will be sold into modern-day slavery. We can’t let these atrocities continue.

I ask Americans to unite behind the issue of ending human trafficking in our country and around the world.

God’s children are not for sale. This should be the rallying cry of all Americans. Join in and be a part of the story that ends human trafficking in the United States.

There are many acts that can be taken to end human trafficking, but one of the most important tasks is to close and secure America’s borders. The open borders are facilitating human trafficking. If we want to end this modern-day slavery, we must convince Congress to pass laws to close the border.

Donald Trump was correct when he worked to build a barrier along the border and created policies to keep illegal immigrants from crossing the borders in masses. Trump is the best person to solve the human trafficking problem, and Americans should elect him in 2024 with a landslide victory.

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