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Thursday, December 28, 2023

What Is Trump Derangement Syndrome?

The liberty principle for this Freedom Friday concerns Trump Derangement Syndrome and its affect on ordinary people. Many people voted for Joe Biden in 2022 because they hated Trump so badly, but Trump hatred and Trump Derangement Syndrome are two different problems. Trump hatred can stem from hearing what others say about Trump. It can come from comparing Trump’s moral compass to one’s own and finding Trump’s lacking. It can come from any number of things. Trump hatred can be cured by wisely comparing the positive and negative factors of Trump to those of other politicians.

Trump Derangement Syndrome [TDS] is Trump hatred taken to a different level, and it cannot be cured. Blogger Mike McDaniel described TDS this way: 

Those contracting the progressive disease [known as Trump Derangement Syndrome] suffer years of misery as Trump lives rent-free in their heads before their inevitable, gruesome, end. The disease drives its victims to paranoid obsessions and dementia commonly manifesting in apocalyptic, absurd public pronouncements of impending national and global doom. Other debilitating symptoms include dyschronometria – time distortion – a tendency to accuse others of impossible crimes and a compulsion to engage in wild logical fallacies.

McDaniel used presidential historian Michael Beschloss as an example. This unfortunate soul suffers from primary TDS symptom of believing that Trump is trying to destroy “our democracy” [we have a democratic republic – not a democracy]. In addition, Beschloss apparently believes that Trump caused the Holocaust! 

Presidential historian Michael Beschloss said Saturday on MSNBC’s “American Voices” that former President Donald Trump intentionally uses language that “led to the Holocaust.”

Beschloss said, “Absolutely, and provide Hitler with an easy way to blame the many ills of Germany 1924 after World War I, one group which was Jewish people as well as some others but it was mainly Jews. And for Donald Trump as a former president and possible future president to use that language, knowing that that language led to the Holocaust, he knows what he’s doing, and he thinks it works.”

I think that it is far-fetched to think that Trump influenced Hitler with his language because Trump was born in June 1946. It is just as far-fetched to believe that Trump is Hitler – a primary TDS symptom. McDaniel continued his article:

I’m not a psychologist or physician, but Beschloss is obviously suffering from dyschronometria. It’s possible he’s referring to unspecified “that language” causing what may are reasonably calling the Second Holocaust, the October seventh Islamist attack on Israel. If so, that’s further and convincing diagnostic evidence of TDS. Hamas, bloodthirsty Islamist savages, certainly needed no verbal nudging from Donald Trump or anyone else to murder Jews, and Beschloss provides no specific information to indicate Trump had anything to say prior to October Seventh that could, in any logical universe, compel lunatic Islamists, who need no outside encouragement, to the slaughter of innocents.

That’s another common TDS-related mental illness, the idea that civilization dare not strike back at the Islamist barbarians raping, mutilating, immolating, torturing and murdering them, because that will make them angry and produce future generations of raging, Islamist savages.

This leaves the inescapable conclusion and diagnosis Beschloss is in stage four TDS. Yet another TDS symptom allied with paranoid obsession is thinking others possessed of supernatural powers. Beschloss implies Donald Trump, not yet even a gleam in his father’s eye, was influencing events in Germany after WWI. Obviously crackling with magical power, Trump, while not yet an embryo in utero, was somehow knowingly using “that language,” which “led to the holocaust,” and he projected that power across the Atlantic! Trump’s powers are even more incredible when one considers the Holocaust was over before 1946 when Trump was born.

All people of good will must say a prayer for Beschloss and his family, but if even a tiny portion of his fantastic utterances are by chance true, and Donald Trump has those powers, that’s a selling point, not a bug, for his reelection.

I have enough common sense to believe that McDaniel is using his sense of humor to poke fun at Beschloss and all other people who have such strange ideas. As the sperm and egg that created the baby who became Donald Trump had not yet come together, Donald Trump was a mere spirit in the pre-mortal world.

I know that some spirits, particularly that of Jesus Christ, had great powers in their pre-mortal lives, I cannot see any circumstances where Trump would be given such powers because the pre-earth missions were delegated only to the Savior and some of His chosen prophets. I would write that explanation off as plain foolishness.

However, the comparison of Trump to Hitler can be downright dangerous because it may frighten people into voting for another loser like Joe Biden. Biden has done more damage to our American way of life than Trump would have done in twice as many years. People, please use your common sense to compare the peace and prosperity that America enjoyed during the Trump administration to the war and poverty of the Biden administration. Which one do you prefer?

Also, be careful. If you are one of the Trump haters or Never Trumpers, you should find a friend or family member with common sense to air your grievances. Then listen to why your hatred is misplaced. If you should recognize TDS in yourself, you should put your life in order as soon as possible because the disease cannot be cured and can lead to an early death.

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