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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Building Walls

Did you hear the news that Mexico is building a wall on its southern border? Mexican Superintendent of Tax Administration Raul Diaz recently confirmed that Mexico is building a wall on its border with Guatemala. The excuse for construction of the wall is to stop the flow of drugs, but Diaz admitted that the wall would also stop illegal aliens from free passage into Mexico.
There are approximately 500,000 people who enter Mexico illegally each year. Just as Mexico condemns the United States for building a wall on their common border, Guatemala Vice President Rafael Espada suggested, “The walls are not the solution to the problems.”
He sounded very much like what Mexican President Felipe Calderon when Arizona’s new law, SB 1070, passed. Calderon denounced Arizona’s law and said it was an invitation “to intolerance, hate, discrimination, and abuse in law enforcement….”
Even though Mexico wants the United States to have an open border, Mexican law bars outsiders who are “found to be physically or mentally unhealthy … economic burdens on society” or anyone who shows contempt for national sovereignty. The penalty for being in Mexico illegally is the opportunity to spend two years in a Mexican prison.
Even though Mexico is showing hypocrisy in condemning the United States for building a wall while building a wall of its own, they have also offered proof of their belief that a wall can stop illegal aliens from entering a country. The fact that Mexico is building its own wall to protect its own country gives the United States permission to build our wall to protect our nation.
I agree with John McCain when he declared, “Build the d_____ wall!” No other nation on earth allows foreigners to enter their country without meeting strict requirements. There is no reason good enough that the United States should allow illegal aliens to continue to come into our nation.
We have been talking about building a wall along our southern border for many years, but we still have only a partial wall in place. This partial wall has vastly decreased the numbers of illegal aliens entering our country in that area. I believe that politicians are trying to “feather their own nests” rather than protect our nation. Remember my post on building the Alaska Highway (October 28, 2010)? During World War II, a road to Alaska was considered necessary to prevent an invasion by Japanese forces. The road to Alaska – 1500 miles long – was built in a period of 8 months and 12 days because politicians realized the importance of it.
At the present time we are being invaded by illegal aliens from numerous nations – and yet the politicians refuse to admit t
that the security of our nation is at stake. If our leaders would stop playing political games, we could have a wall on our southern border in a matter of months and better secure our border and nation. I say, “Stop playing political games and build the wall!”

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