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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Obama and Israel

                    I guess his Jewish voters finally convinced President Barack Obama to be more supportive of Israel.  In his speech before the United Nations General Assembly today in New York, Obama actually declared that Israel had the right to be in their "historic homeland."  He did not repeat his comment about Israel going back to the 1967 borders - borders that are indefensible. 

                    Obama's comments to the UN must have had some effects on that body.  At least, the Palestinian Authority may delay its demand for immediate admission to the United Nations.  This delay will give members of the UN Security Council more time to look for an alternative that will restart the peace talks between Israel and Palestine.  The United States will continue to use its influence to encourage council members to vote against the Palestinian request.

                    Thanks to blogger Leo Rennert, I have some of Obama's remarks:  "Any lasting peace must acknowledge the very real security concerns that Israel faces every single day.
                    "Let us be honest with ourselves:  Israel is surrounded by neighbors that have waged repeated wars against it.  Israel's citizens have been killed by rockets fired at their houses and suicide bombs on their buses.  Israel's children come of age knowing that throughout the region, other children are taught to hate them. 
                    "Israel, a small country of less than eight million people, looks out at a world where leaders of much larger nations threaten to wipe it off the map.  The Jewish people carry the burden of centuries of exile and persecution, and fresh memories of knowing that six million people were killed simply because of who they are.  Those are facts.  They cannot be denied.
                    "The Jewish people have forged a successful state in their historic homeland.  Israel deserves recognition.  It deserves normal relations with its neighbors.  And friends of the Palestinians do them no favors by ignoring this truth, just as friends of Israel must recognize the need to pursue a two-state solution with a secure Israel next to an independent Palestine." 

                    I personally do not care what happened to Obama to cause him to stand up for Israel.  I am just grateful that he did.  I am also confident that Israelis are grateful for his verbal support.

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