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Friday, September 23, 2011

Everyone Is Important

                    Families are strengthened when every member feels important to the whole.  Each member of a family has something important to add to that particular household.  Children, teenagers, and young adults all need to understand that they each fill a certain need in their family.
                    I recently received a really cute fund-raising letter from Brigham Young University.  The letter was basically just a story about a little raindrop. 
                    "Once upon a time there lived a family of raindrops.  They were a happy bunch, bouncing about in a fluffy, gray cloud that floated over the big world below.
                    "Squirt was one of the youngest.  He liked to play games with his fellow raindrops.  But one day Squirt didn't feel like playing.  Instead he sat on the edge of the cloud, head drooping, feeling downright glum.
                    "`How come you're not playing with your friends?' an old raindrop asked, coming up behind him.
                    "Squirt sighed.  `I want to make a difference in the world.  But I'm just one little raindrop, and I'll never amount to anything.'"
                    The old rain drop thought for a moment and explained that a farmer couldn't grow his wheat without raindrops.  Squirt didn't think that one little raindrop could make a difference to the farmer.  The old raindrop explained, "You know, Squirt.  I've been around this earth a few times, and I've learned that while each of us is only one drop of water, something special happens when we all get together in a rainstorm."
                    Just like many raindrops cause our rivers to flow, our trees to turn green, and wheat to grow, living together as families makes many good things happen - and each person is a part of the successes.  Something special happens in families.
                    When Heavenly Father taught us His plan for our happiness, He told us that He would send each of us down to earth to a family.  He sent us to families with fathers and mothers and other family members.  He sent us as babies who needed to be cared for and loved.  Each baby is a blessing from Heavenly Father, a special gift to that particular family.
                    By careful observance, parents can see the special gifts and talents of each of their children and then point them out to the rest of the family.  One child may be especially cheerful while another child is a great helper.  Every child has something worthwhile to add to the family.  Wise parents will make sure that each child feels special and needed.

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