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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tea Party vs. Occupation

                    The tea party movement has been working for approximately three years in an effort to save our constitutional republic.  Members of this group became aware very early in the Obama Administration - and even before - that our nation was in danger of being "fundamentally transformed" into a socialist/communist one.  Numerous tea party-supported conservative members of Congress were elected in 2010 because the "silent majority" of Americans woke up.  Conservatives joined together to replace moderates in Congress with good conservative constitutionalists.  These constitutionalists "drew a line in the sand" and slowed the liberal/progressive march toward socialism/communism in spite of the fact that too many liberal Republicans - RINOs - remain in Congress.  Liberals/progressives realize that they cannot win in the arena of ideas and truth; therefore, they resort to dishonesty, cheating, violence, revolution, etc. to move the country in their desired direction.

                    There were numerous tea party events, some of which drew hundreds of thousands of conservatives to Washington, D.C.  They brought their American flags and their families.  All were dressed appropriately, well behaved, and respectful of civil laws and authorities while discussing ways and means to protect our Constitution and to restore the morals and principles of our Founders.  They never "occupied" any place but simply gathered for a few hours at a time.  At every event, tea partiers left the areas as clean - or cleaner - than they found them.  In spite of these facts, the Left and mainstream media maligned and lied about conservatives and even said tea partiers were unpatriotic, racists and terrorists. Now these same folks are saying that the tea party is irrelevant and fading away.  Tea partiers are American patriots who love our country, and we are not going anywhere.  We will continue doing as much as we can for as long as we can to save our American way of life.

                    Realizing the power of the tea party - "We The People" - the left tried from the beginning to stop the efforts of the tea party using tactics straight out of Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.  Meanwhile they were searching for an equivalent to the tea party.  The Coffee Party was just one of their numerous attempts.  During the same period of time, socialist/communist professors were indoctrinating college students in revolutionary ways. 

                    Mainstream media joined the Left in comparing the Occupy Wall Street mob to law-abiding tea partiers.  The protesters on Wall Street and numerous cities across our nation and other countries are the exact opposite of the tea party.  While tea partiers held United States flags high with love and respect for our country, occupiers walked on the flag to show their disrespect.  Whereas the tea parties were true grass root events with Constitution-loving, freedom-loving, law-abiding patriots participating in events at their own expense, the occupiers are urged by professors and union leaders to join the "revolution," provided food and paid money by left wing organizations, and encouraged in their protest by the Obama Administration, members of Congress, Hollywood stars.  At the same time, they destroy business and property as well as provoke police to attack them.  The occupiers have been joined by members of the Nazi Party and the Communist Party.  My parents and leaders always said that we are judged by the company we keep; therefore, we can judge the Occupy movement by the people who join them and support them.

The unwashed masses have been on Wall Street about a month, and businesses are complaining of demands and theft made by the occupiers.  The protesters are creating a health hazard in the area because they are so unclean - even urinating and defecating in public places.  I saw a picture of a guy with his pants down and leaning against a police car!  (I would link to the picture except for the fact that I want a family-friendly blog.)  Then they had the nerve to protest moving in order that their mess could be cleaned.  They are receiving free food - expensive food like $16 a pound smoked salmon - and even being paid wages to occupy the area.  The occupiers are not even close to be like the tea partiers!

Ann Coulter has a different name for the occupiers; she calls them the flea party.  See her article here.  


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