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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Martial Law

                    The topic of discussion for this Freedom Friday is the recently issued executive order called "National Defense Resources Preparedness" (NDRP).  The White House posted the revised NDRP on its official website late Friday afternoon, March 16, 2012.  As soon as the news was out on the Internet, citizens immediately became alarmed and demanded coverage by the lame stream media.

                    The fact that the NDRP is a descendent of the Defense Production Act (DPA) of 1950 does not seem to calm our fears of a government take over of our country.  Joe Herring reported that the DPA was put in place in an attempt "to establish a framework for placing the nation on a `war footing' as quickly and in as efficient a manner as possible should events warrant.  In an age of highly industrialized warfare, the basic building blocks of military success are composed of mundane elements such as supply chains, resource availability, parts, access to raw materials, and skilled labor." 

                    I think that we can all agree that the United States must have a plan in place - just in case we are attacked.  If we don't think an official plan is needed, just remember how things were in our nation on 9/11.  The chaos and alarm must have been similar in December 1941 when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.  I believe that a plan is definitely needed!

Apparently, most, if not all, Presidents since 1950 have issued executive orders updating the plan.  The Obama executive order is based on the Clinton executive order.  President Clinton signed Executive Order 12919 on January 15, 1994.  According to Herring, this revised plan greatly expanded the previous provisions and made it applicable to peacetime.

Herring listed four reasons why the Obama plan is causing more concern than usual:  1) Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta's statement in early March 2012 that this administration believes NATO or the United Nations has "authority to deploy US troops with or without congressional notice or permission."  2) The NAACP went to the United Nations one week later to petition the U.N. Human Rights Council to get involved in our election process  "in order to monitor the vote for instances of voter suppression."
3) Attorney General Eric Holder and his DOJ have created "a hair-trigger system of race-conscious prosecutions," and one of his former employees now has a career of "exposing the injustice of Holder's Department of Justice."  4) Holder recently rejected the voter ID law recently passed by the Texas legislature.

                    I believe the wide-spread concern comes from distrust in Barack Obama and his minions.  We have seen this administration strike lightning fast at the foundations of our nation.  We understand that Obama dislikes the Constitution because it puts restraints on what he wants to do.  We also know that he has gone around the Constitution whenever he could because he "can't wait" for the constitutional process to play out.  We know there are people in our leadership ranks who desire to "fundamentally transform" our nation and that they will use every means possible to bring about what they would consider a utopia.

                    Like you, I do not know if we are in further danger because of this executive order.  I do know that We The People must be awake and alert to any new perceived danger because Obama has proven that we cannot trust him to do what is right for the United States and/or the American people.  I hope and pray that our nation survives long enough to get this President and his cohorts out of power!

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