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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

First Presidential Debate

                    The first debate of the 2012 presidential campaign was held October 3, 2012, at the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado, with more than 58 million people tuning in to watch.  A poll of registered voters showed that 67 percent of them thought that Mitt Romney won the debate with only 25 percent voting for Barack Obama.

The debate showed us several things.  The first obvious fact is that Mitt Romney is a very intelligent man who looked presidential as he took his case directly to the American people.  Another very obvious fact shown by the debate is that Romney wants to take our nation in a fundamentally different direction than where we are presently headed.  A third painful fact was that our President is not such a great speaker without his teleprompter.  In spite of frequent promptings from moderator Jim Lehrer, Obama unable to defend himself or his policies.

Mitt Romney was energetic, aggressive, and well prepared for the debate.  He went after President Barack Obama's record on the economy, health care, and the deficit in a series of attacks.   Obama frequently found himself on the defensive and unable to rebut Romney's charges.

Romney looked good and has been declared the winner of the first debate.  The momentum of the campaign has been in Obama's favor for a couple of weeks, but Romney's debate performance should change the conversation about the campaign.  Romney should be able to attract a fresh look from any voter who is undecided or not firm in their support for Obama.  Romney stood on conservative principles and offered conservative policies but also showed his willingness to "work across the aisle."

The questions are:  Can Romney build on his success?  Can he continue to fight for conservative principles?  Can he keep Obama on the defensive?  I certainly hope so because he is our only hope to stop the damage being done to our nation by Obama and his minions.  May God will bless Mitt Romney and may God bless America!

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