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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Benghazi Cover-Up

                The terrorist attack in Benghazi continues to be covered up by the President of the United States and the Secretary of Defense in an apparent effort to hide facts from American citizens.  We can be certain that the cover-up began as soon as the attack took place because FBI agents were not allowed into the compound in Libya for nearly a month after the attack – plenty of time for important evidence to be “lost” or tainted.

                The Benghazi debacle took place on September 11, 2012, and killed four Americans:  Ambassador Christopher Stevens, former Navy SEAL Glen Doherty, former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, and Sean Smith, a computer expert with the State Department.  Hilary Clinton was the first government official to claim that the attack was the result of a YouTube video criticizing Islam.  Her claims were echoed by Barack Obama, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, and White House Secretary James Carney until evidence otherwise started leaking out.  Other government workers leaked the information that members of the Obama-Clinton regime watched the attack over live feeds and declined requests for help.  Obama and Clinton knew within two hours that it was a genuine terrorist attack by the Islamist militia group Ansar al-Sharia.

                Marinka Peschmann believes that this cover-up is following the same pattern as the cover-up of the death of Vince Foster during the Clinton Administration.  Hilary Clinton is scheduled to testify before Congress – again.  She has been scheduled previously but always came up with some reason why she could not be there.

                “What you witnessed from the Obama-Clinton regime is called `cohesive strategy.’  We have seen that cover-up tactic before.  It was successfully used by the Clinton White House during the investigations of the Clinton era as documented in The Whistleblower:  How the Clinton White House Stayed in Power to Reemerge in the Obama White House and on the World Stage.  Additionally, it notably appears in my latest book, Following Orders:  The Death of Vince Foster, Clinton White House Lawyer.  Cohesive strategy is a smoke and mirrors public relations trick where the White House tells Americans and investigators what they want them to know as opposed to what really happened, and how their scripted version becomes the so-called truth, the `talking points,’ the narrative picked up by the media….

                “And now Hillary Clinton and the Obama White House are following the same cover-up playbook in Benghazi.
                “As any seasoned investigator or investigative journalist will confirm, evidence gathering at the time of the incident is critical to finding out the truth.  Anything less can lead investigators to an incorrect rationalized, and skewed conclusion that covers-up the truth.

                “The fact that it took the Obama-Clinton regime nearly a month before the FBI was permitted to gather evidence in Benghazi is the proof.  According to the Associated Press, FBI `agents arrived in Benghazi before dawn … and departed after sunset, after weeks of waiting for access to the crime scene to investigate the Sept. 11 attacks (emphasis mine).”

                “Those with eyes to see and ears to hear know that means the crime scene was already contaminated and compromised – all the evidence that was gathered (whatever remained) is suspect.  If the Obama-Clinton regime were serious about finding out the truth, the U.S. military with FBI agents would have been at the Benghazi CIA outpost immediately after the attack.  Anything short of that tells us the administration does [not] want Americans to know what happened that deadly day.  Remember Ambassador Christopher Stevens was following their orders….

                “The only question that remains today is whether or not Hilary Clinton gets away with another cover-up, like she did in the Vince Foster case, and runs for President in 2016, or will she finally be held accountable, and Americans learn the truth about the Benghazi terrorist attack?”

                Like Ms. Peschmann, I too believe that a cover-up is taking place; I too believe that the mainstream media is failing in their job to find the truth and Americans are being kept in the dark.  I am grateful for people like Ms. Peschmann who can and will make the connection.  I encourage you to read her complete article.

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