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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Impeach or Not

                The word impeachment is being heard more and more as the scandals keep rolling out of the Obama Administration.  I personally think Obama needs to be held accountable for all the scandals that have taken place under his watch – whether or not he actually knew about them before we learned about them, but I do not know if we have reached the point of impeachment yet.   What do you think?

                Bruce Walker published an interesting article at American Thinker entitled “The Case for Impeachment.”   In considering how Republicans should “respond to the growing list of indefensible abuses of power by Barack Obama,” Walker asked his readers to consider what Obama has done.  “Obama has created the virtual equivalent of an `enemies list’ and used the federal government to persecute these opponents of his plans.  Obama has repeatedly and transparently lied to the American people about the misdeeds of his lackeys and his knowledge of those misdeeds.  Obama has hidden behind a gaggle of subordinates whose responses to questions sound like the `… to the best of my knowledge at this point in time…’ mantra which Richard Nixon’s lieutenants recited when called before the House Judiciary Committee in 1974.

                “Barack Obama committed precisely the sort of `high crimes and misdemeanors’ which the Founding Fathers intended to be cause for impeachment.  Republicans, who control the House of Representatives, should begin the process of investigating whether Obama should be impeached.”

                I do not know if it was by coincidence or plan, but I found it very interesting that Thomas Lifson posted a view that at first glance appears to be completely opposite that of Walker on the same day at American Thinker.  Lifson's article is entitled “Never Mind Impeachment; Keep your Eyes on the Prize.”    He believes that it would be unwise for conservatives and Republicans to pursue impeachment.  “The odds are the effort would backfire, and there is a much more important goal that should be at the center of our political strategy:  sweeping Democrats out of office in 2014 and 2016 in numbers sufficient to enact structural reforms, including replacement of the tax system and junking the IRS and outlawing public employee unions.  President Obama is handing his opponents the means, if only they have the wit to pursue the bigger goal.

                “In politics, as in comedy, timing is everything.  We have almost a year and a half until the midterms, three and a half until the presidential election.  We can expect Obama to remain the worst crisis manager ever, making every mistake in the textbooks.  He has already nudged a critical mass of MSM players out of playing defense for him and aggressively joining the hunt for the truth.  Generations of journalists have longed for another Watergate, and here we have a president caught looking positively Nixonian.”

                I think Republicans and wise Democrats should carefully investigate all the scandals, keeping the possibility of impeachment on the table.  I expect that it would take a few months to gather all the necessary information.  When the investigations have been carefully and completely done, then Republicans should weigh the evidence and make a decision about impeachment.  It is possible that they could give him just enough “rope” to “hang himself” or “to stew in the juices of scandal” as Lifson puts it

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