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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Still More on Benghazi

                I have written about the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya, several times in the past month.  I posted on May 7 about the four whistleblowers who had come forth to testify about the happenings in Benghazi.  The very next day I wrote more about the congressional hearing about Benghazi.    A week later the Obama Administration was fighting three major scandals. The next day I wrote about the difficulties of staying ahead of the scandals.  I questioned why so many scandals were popping up all of a sudden and wondered what was being hidden.

                I was not the only person wondering about the frenzy.  Doug Hagmann was also asking questions about the flurry of scandals suddenly thrust upon us.  “As the details of Benghazi are beginning to emerge from `whistleblowers’ and the murderous events are being rightfully elevated to the proper realm of criminal conspiracy, other scandals have suddenly seemed to erupt, almost as if cued by a complicit choreographer.  Most egregious misdeeds of the Internal Revenue Service, for example, that allegedly targeted Conservative groups, from 501c3 organizations to any group with Tea party or Constitution in their names, were suddenly `revealed.’

                “Other scandals of lesser significance, but nonetheless poking at the embers of public ire and intolerance are popping up as well.  Watching the people who are reading the multiple news headlines on various news aggregator sites are like watching spectators at Wimbledon, as their heads move from side to side as they follow the ball in play.  The white noise of new problems are constantly erupting, resulting in a feeding frenzy in the waters surrounding the Executive branch.

                “While fascinating to watch, has anyone stopped to consider that the process of chumming the waters with a flurry of cascading news events, combined with a docu-dump of 100 pages of Benghazi e-mails is actually a methodically orchestrated diversion?  What is it we are not supposed to be seeing amid the white noise of new controversies of varying values? 

                “Like a levy that has been suspiciously breached, the informational flood created by these news events is without recent precedent.  The timing of this flood is of particularly critical importance.  The headlines are diverting our attention away from a critical window of investigative value relating to Benghazi.  Could it be that we’re seeing a form of force majeure being implemented to overwhelm and distract us from something far more important to truth seekers and consequently, much more lethal to Obama’s second term?  Perhaps the Cloward-Piven strategy adapted and modified for the modern news cycles of today?”

                Hagmann discussed how both the Watergate and the Benghazi cover ups were to hide a “nugget” of information that would damage the administration.  During the Watergate investigation a great battle took place about tapes that were made in the White House.  When the tapes were finally released there were 18½ minutes not accounted for.  “Analysis of that effacement determined that it was the result of at least five separate manual erasures, verifying that the missing time memorialized by these tapes was no accident.

                “Whether it’s Watergate or Benghazi, there’s one piece of evidence in both of these criminal cover-ups from which the actors involved try to deflect your attention by any means possible….  It is a highly protected secret nestled among other less damning facts, diversions and deceptions.

                “Benghazi is no exception, but instead provides a textbook example of diversion from the golden nugget hidden inside a crusted shell made to look like all others.  So, just what is that particular nugget of criminal naughtiness?

                “The nugget that is being hidden here is not content of the memos relating to matters of diplomatic security, but something far more nefarious and elusive by its mere simplicity.  Like the questions that surrounded the mysterious 18 ½ minute gap in the Watergate tapes forty-years ago, there is a period of missing time that few seem anxious to address.  By order of magnitude, however, this missing time is far greater than anything we saw with Watergate.  Instead of 18 ½ minutes of presidential time, it’s nearly 18 ½ hours of time involving actions, utterances, commands or lack thereof of Barack Hussein Obama as Americans were being killed a half-world away.

                “Expose that nugget and I suspect the finding will be far more damaging, far more troubling, and exceedingly more alarming than anyone has begun to imagine.  It is this mystical missing period of time where many clues exist.  Exactly where was Barack Hussein Obama following his 5:00 meeting in the Oval Office until the next day?  Where wasn’t he?  It’s almost as if the Wizard of Oz himself waved his magical wand to divert attention away from those lost hours.”

                Hagmann’s article continued with his ideas about what was happening and why this time period is important.  Meanwhile, Doc Vega posted an article about a retired four-star Admiral blowing the whistle  on the Benghazi attacks.  Vega wrote that the new evidence brought forth by the retired Admiral James A. Lyons “promises to break the case wide open!”

                “… Finally, an authoritative figure with the proper credentials has stepped up to the plate to tell the true story of what did happen without the lies and cover-ups that have so far kept those guilty of murder from standing trial.  The admission on the part of this man will likely blow the Benghazi scandal wide open and lead to arrests if we can get our legal system to act as it should.  That, however, is a big if.”

                Vega claims that Admiral Lyons revealed “the entire plot that led to the deaths of Americans in Libya that could have been prevented, who gave the orders, and why events took place as they tragically did….  In his words Lyons says that the attack on Benghazi was a bungled kidnapping attempt to be perpetrated upon Ambassador Stevens.  This was to appear to be a hostage exchange for a terrorist prisoner who was to be released in trade for a supposedly captured US ambassador.  The trade would have been for Omar Abdel Rahman, an international prisoner, known as the Blind Sheikh.

                “This apparent abduction by terrorists of our ambassador and then negotiated trade for the Blind Sheikh would have been the `October Surprise’ that would have elevated President Obama’s flagging popularity and boosted his approval ratings for a re-election.  A dramatic prisoner exchange that saved our ambassador’s life.  However, something went horribly wrong…..

                “With what should have been only a staged kidnapping of Ambassador J. Christian Stevens, instead, Navy Seals Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty refused a stand down order and began doing their job of protecting the ambassador using force.  Immediately the well-trained Seals began inflicting heavy casualties upon the terrorists who thought they were merely in a cake walk to abduct Ambassador Stevens without mishap.  As a result of the plan going awry, a massive attack arose from the anger of the terrorists who felt they had been betrayed by President Obama.  In the aftermath of the battle which saw Navy Seal Glen Doherty killed after the embassy had been overrun along with the ambassador’s staff.  Ambassador Steven’s body showed up 5 hours later at a Benghazi hospital supposedly overcome by smoke, but as the initial foreign press reports indicated a much different outcome, in fact, Stevens was raped, tortured, and dragged around Benghazi in retaliation for the botched Obama White House plan.  If not for foreign press agents, who were there and saw, we would never have known the truth as the sold out leftist media of the US would have hidden this fact to aid President Obama’s campaign efforts.”

                Megyn Kelly interviewed Admiral Lyons on November 5, 2012.

                The Washington Times published an article by Admiral Lyons himself stating that the report by Independent Accountability Review Board about the attack on Benghazi leaves important questions unanswered.  Here are some of his questions:  “How could the CIA not detect the planning or the movement of the jihadists who carried out the `organized’ attack?”  [Why weren’t the two Marine anti-terrorist teams based in Rota, Spain, deployed to Benghazi and Tripoli?]  “Why [didn’t we] secure the Benghazi mission compound?  What is it that our personnel were kept from seeing?”  [Why wasn’t the 130-man, fully armed and well-led Marine Force-Recon unit on the ground in Sigonella, Sicily, sent to Benghazi since they “could have been in Benghazi in a matter of a few hours”?]  [Why wasn’t a fighter aircraft sent to “make a low pass in full after-burner since it has been used in similar circumstances as “an effective tactic for dispersing a mob”?]   “Why [didn’t we] request security assistance from the Turkish or Italian Benghazi consulates or the British security team that reportedly was at the mission compound only one hour before the attack?  Each has stated that they would have provided support but were never asked.  Why?” “What important activity was being conducted at our Benghazi mission compound to cause Stevens to have to be there on the night of Sept. 11 to meet the Turkish consul general, even though he feared for his safety?”

                Admiral Lyons concluded his article, “This is a major betrayal that cost the lives of four Americans.  Congress needs to form a special bipartisan investigative committee to uncover the facts and make them known to the American public.  Nothing less is acceptable.”

                It sounds to me that we really do need to have a special investigator looking into the Benghazi attacks.  The report that the murder of Ambassador Stevens was the result of a botched kidnapping attempt would answer a lot of questions.  If Obama really did arrange to have our Ambassador kidnapped to exchange for the Blind Sheikh for his own political advantage, then he needs to be held accountable.  If this is true, he would in fact have blood on his hands.  No wonder he went and hid for 18 ½ hours!

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