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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Death of Nelson Mandela

                I read some disturbing news on the night of Nelson Mandela’s funeral.  Even though it is disturbing news, I know of no reason to question it, particularly after all the lies that are told.  Can it be true that Nelson Mandela died in June 2013?  What possible purpose could be served by keeping a brain-dead Mandela on life-support for six months?  Was the President of the United States complicit in keeping this secret?

                Canada Free Press carried a report from the Las Vegas Guardian Express that Nelson Mandela did in deed die in June 2013 rather than December 2013.  The Guardian Express was not the only news service to report the news, but it was the only one that did not retract their story.  Read the article and make your own decision about whether or not you can trust it.

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