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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Conservative vs. Liberal

                This is an excellent article about the differences between conservatives and liberals and why conservative leaders – such as Ronald Reagan – are supported and even loved by the people.  It explains well the reason why Republicans should choose a confirmed conservative such as Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin rather than a moderate such as Governor Jeb Bush of Florida.  It explains plainly why a conservative is a clear alternative to a liberal while a moderate is simply lite-liberal.

                “Let’s be clear:  If voters choose a principled conservative, they will stand by him, even if he (or she) is attacked relentlessly by the liberal press.  Voters might not say it publicly or in a poll, and they might not agree with their candidate on every single issue, but privately (the silent majority) they will cast their vote for somebody who will fight for conservative values because they know deep down it’s the right thing to do.

                “It might not be apparent to some, but voters can see through media propaganda; they can see through the senseless drivel that comes out of the liberal media complex.  Most people (maybe the majority) understand that the media is overwhelmingly biased against conservative candidates.  But the elites in the media are not the ones who decide who becomes president.  Voters have the ultimate say.  If a candidate talks directly to the people and to the issues that affect them, they will respond at the ballot box.

                “Let’s understand that in an election between a liberal and a liberal Republican, chances are the liberal will win.  The liberal Republican will stumble because fundamentally he is more an opportunist than a conservative.  But if a real conservative runs against a liberal, most of the time the conservative should come out on top.  Here’s why.  Firstly, the conservative has the facts and the evidence on his side.  Secondly, the United States, contrary to what the establishment media would have you believe, is a much more conservative-leaning country than most Washington insiders understand.  And finally, conservatism is a much more common sense political philosophy than liberalism.  Therefore it can reach many more people if its messenger can articulate that common sense to the common people.

                “This is the fact:  people will gravitate toward (and identify with) a conservative candidate if that candidate stays true to his beliefs and doesn’t buckle under media pressure.  That’s the key to winning the White House in 2016.”

                I would very much like to see an articulate and principled conservative as the Republican candidate for President of the United States.  I too believe, if the Establishment Republicans push another moderate candidate, he or she will lose to the liberal Democrat once again.  I hope the lesson of John McCain and Mitt Romney was learned!

                Here is another interesting article comparing conservatives and liberals, particularly those found in the Republican Party.  Author Earick Ward discusses conservatives and moderates (RHINOs), fiscal conservatives and social conservatives and declares that Libertarians are fiscally conservative-socially liberal.
                “The far left is dug in, and seemingly prepared to fight this battle as well.

                “Which brings us back to the Fiscal Conservative-Social Liberal Moderate.  Seeing the Left prepared to destroy anyone who doesn’t comport to their cultural worldview (Chick-Fil-A, Phil Robertson, Brendan Eich, the Benham brothers, etc.), you must understand that they (the Left) are prepared to go nuclear.  You may not believe in, nor should you be required to, believe in the social/cultural worldview of your Social Conservative brethren, but you cannot stand by and watch the battle from the sidelines.

                “You may think that you’re taking an `enlightened’ attitude towards these social/cultural issues by straddling the middle, but understand this:  as the Left goes nuclear to defeat the Social Conservative, they will have no compunction against attacking you, when the winds of change blow in a wholly different direction.  You will be asked to evolve again.

                “To paraphrase Niemoller – First, they came for the Social Conservatives.”

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