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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Obama or Biden

                I knew at least five years ago that impeachment of Mr. Obama was probably off the table no matter what he did.  Why?  I took one good look at our Vice President!  No one in their right mind would want Joe Biden as the President of the United States.  If impeachment of Mr. Obama takes place, impeachment for Mr. Biden would have to also take place.  The first should be impeached for incompetence, and the latter for plain stupidity.

                Anyway, other people have come to the same realization.  Stan McHugh at Canada Free Press explained,  “… When Joe Biden was selected as Mr. Obama’s running mate in 2008, that selection without a doubt, cost the ticket votes all across the country.  With the possible exception of the people of Delaware, most American voters, even Democrats, knew well what a complete buffoon Mr. Biden was and had always been.  No one with any sense of concern for this country would ever want to see him as president.  Why, then, was he selected to be Mr. Obama’s vice presidential running mate?
                “It is certainly not known by the American public who, exactly, was making decisions for the Obama campaign back in 2008, but it should be very obvious that someone knew exactly what was planned for an Obama presidency should he be elected.  It should also be obvious that the same decision maker(s) knew at the time that the majority of American people were going to oppose virtually all of what was planned. Therefore he (or they) planned ahead by purchasing `Anti-Impeachment Insurance’ for Mr. Obama in the person of Joe Biden as his running mate.  As anyone can see, their plan has worked!”

                Representative Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) said that he does not support the idea of impeaching Mr. Obama because the result would be elevating Mr. Biden to the Oval Office.  “Have you met Joe Biden?”  Mr. Gowdy obviously does not want Mr. Biden in the White House!

                Almost no one wants Mr. Biden in the office of President of the United States.  Still the question remains, “What can we do to rein in Mr. Obama who has a history of unconstitutional actions and has promised to do more?”  Somebody better make a decision and soon!

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