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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Refugee Crisis

                There is a huge refugee crisis in Europe that no one wants to discuss; neither politicians nor citizens want to talk about it, and the media does not want to report it.  The situation in Europe is actually a global problem, never previously seen in our time.  It is the biggest migration of people since World War II and has the portion to cause enormous religious-social problems.

                Keith Fitz-Gerald, a market analyst for more than 30 years of global experience, wrote a commentary recently about this “elephant in the room.”  He titled his summary “Here’s What No One Understands About the Refugee Crisis in Europe.”  

                Mr. Fitz-Gerald claims that the situation could have a good outcome if “adept, intelligent politicians” worked to “turn social, political, and economic risks into opportunity.”  One example for good he gave was the fact that immigrants have more children; this would raise the overall birth rate and eventually build up the labor pool.  The highly skilled immigrants start businesses, and those with lower or no skills take the jobs locals do not want. 

                “If Europe is to survive, its self-interested officials have to involve business leaders and private  finance in making rapid policy changes.  That’s because business leaders are far more direct than political apparatchiks.

                “They will make decisions based on skills, benefits, and training needs that by their very definition involve a level of segregation.  Critics will call foul based on the apparent `discrimination,’ much the way they have lined up against Donald Trump’s position on Mexican immigration.  They’re not the same thing.

                “One is an economic/humanitarian need while the other is a security risk.  Countries that have refused to engage abroad are now going to bear the brunt of that failure.  Germany and America, for example, still do not grasp that inaction has led to direct battlefield escalation.

                “There’s also a corresponding danger inside Europe itself from sleeper agents using millions of refugees as cover for hijrah or immigration jihad.  Islamic State has openly threatened to flood Europe with 500,000 fake refugees, and unlike President Barack Obama’s `red line,’ chances are they mean it.”

                Mr. Fitz-Gerald’s article is very interesting and worth reading.  The European immigration crisis, plus our own illegal immigration problems, should be an on-going national discussion.  We should be asking questions such as the following:  Why should Europe take in the Muslim immigrants when Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Qatar refuse to take any of them?  What do they know that other nations should learn?  Why should some countries, such as Greece, Italy, and France, be allowed to act as conduits to other nations such as Austria, Germany, and Turkey?  Do these targeted nations have the right to close their borders and refuse to allow the immigrants to enter? 

                Trying to put all this into proper perspective, Mr. Fitz-Gerald stated that no more than 7,400 refugees per year were settled in the European Union between 2008 and 2014 entering a population of approximately 507 million.  The United States has a population of approximately 330 million and settles an average of 66,000 refugees per year.  Nation in the European Union ordered approximately 516,219 non-citizens to return home per year.

                “The staggering numbers involved here suggest a sobering truth:  Everything from women’s rights, to law, to intellectual freedom – concepts brought forth in the Age of Enlightenment dating from the 1620s to roughly the 1780s – is at risk.”

                Why is it a risk?  The potentially millions of people will bring “a massive economic impact at a time when Europe is almost totally unprepared to handle a rolling parade of desperation.”  Plus these people have admitted that they “are not culturally compatible” and “are showing very little if any desire to fit in to the millennia-old civilization Europe enjoys today.”

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