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Friday, January 29, 2016

Risks and Leaks of Pornography

                Families, communities, and nations are strengthened when the rising generation is protected from viewing pornography.  A new study titled “The Porn Phenomenon” sheds light on the future because children and youth are involved with smut.  The study claims it is “The most comprehensive, in-depth and wide ranging study to date on pornography among the American population.”

                According to Josh McDowell of the Josh McDowell Ministry, stated, “Pornography violates all relational values between the individual and self, the individual and society, the unity of our families and our moral fabric and fiber as a nation. … “When we objectify and demean life by removing the sanctity of the human person, our future is at risk.”  

                Collin Bishop is also concerned the effects of pornography on children and youth.  He wrote an article titled 
12 Ways Pornography Leaks into Your Home (and How to Stop Them).”   The author lists the follows ways pornography can leak  into our homes:  (1) mobile devices, (2) YouTube ads and related videos, (3) shopping catalogs, (4) previews and deleted scenes in your DVD collection, (5) Netflix, Hulu+, etc. accounts, (6) television commercials, (7) kids’ friends and schoolmates, (8) mobile game ads, (9) music and album art, (10) video games, (11) books, and (12) apps like SnapChat, Gaggle, and more.  The author also gives suggestions on how to stop the leaks.

                Our very future depends on keeping pornography away from the rising generation.  If you have children and/or youth in your home, you will be doing your family, community and nation a great favor by stopping pornography from coming into your home.  

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