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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Is It Over?

                Tonight Senator Ted Cruz suspended his campaign for President of the United States of America.  What does that mean?  Is Donald Trump automatically the GOP nominee?  If so, heaven help us!

                How can there be so many fools in America?  Barack Obama had no experience or any credentials to be President of the United States, yet he was elected – not just once but twice!  Why? Fools elected him simply because he is black, and Americans could prove they were not racists by electing a black man.  Did it work?  No!  The racial divide in our nation is greater than it was eight years ago.  I will never understand how Americans could choose Obama over Mitt Romney.  Surely, the better man lost that election!

                This time we had the opportunity to elect Ted Cruz, another good man, as our President; however, the majority of Republicans are choosing Donald Trump.  Why? He does have better credentials than Barack Obama ever did but not much.  He has apparently been successful as a businessman even though we hear accounts of his failures.  At any rate, he totally fails the morals test.  He is in fact a total buffoon, a clown, and an ill-mannered bully.  I expect him to be a total embarrassment as a President.  Is this what we really want?

                Why are Republicans voting for Donald Trump?  The basic reason for supporting him seems to be anger at the establishment.  What kind of fool votes with their emotions, least of all anger?  No one should ever use anger as a reason to vote for a leader because “anger impacts judgment and decision making.” Trump does a great job of belittling other people and calling them names, but he will need a totally different set of “skills” to be presidential. 

                I am very disappointed in my fellow Republicans! I hoped we had learned our lesson during the last election, but apparently we did not. I hate to say it, but I will: We as a people are apparently too stupid to learn from our mistakes; therefore, we deserve whatever we get! May God bless America and keep us safe from our own stupidity!

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