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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What Now?

                There is a new President in the White House making good on his campaign promises as fast as he can. Yet, the lame stream media cannot find anything good to publish about him. They started on the day of his inauguration and most likely will continue until his last day in office. They, along with many other liberal progressives, do not want Donald Trump to succeed.

                The first example is the publishing of a picture of the crowd attending the inauguration of Barack Obama compared to a picture of the crowd attending the inauguration of Donald Trump. The first pictures showed a huge difference in the numbers attending the different inaugurations. Some photographs discovered later seem to show approximately the same numbers.

                My question is what does it matter? Who cares how many people went to Washington, D.C., to see a President inaugurated. I personally did not even consider buying an airline ticket and investing a week of my time to fly to the nation’s capital city. In fact, I did not wake up early enough to watch the inauguration on television. It simply did not matter that much to me personally.

                What does matter to me is the fact that the power and authority of the President of the United States moved peacefully from President Obama to President Trump. There were no tanks rumbling in the streets. There were no soldiers firing shots. It was a peaceful change from one administration to another.

                Another thing that matters to me is how this President fulfills his oath of office. Will he honor the position of President of the United States, or will he go around apologizing for our nation? Will he preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States, or will he constantly complain about how the Constitution keeps him from accomplishing what he wants to do to our country? Will he do what is best for Americans, or will he constantly press his own agenda?

                I will not judge President Trump on the size of his inauguration crowd. In fact, I will reserve my judgment for now and wait to see what he actually does in office. If he keeps his promises and makes America great again, I will celebrate with him. If he does not, I will think deeply about whether or not I want to support him again.

                I will say that I did watch parts of the inauguration later in the day and heard President Trump’s inauguration speech. I thought it was very patriotic and what Americans have been waiting to hear for too many years. Finally, we have President who loves America! Finally, we have a President who can say “radical Islamist terrorists!”

                Glenn Beck has some interesting thoughts on this topic at this site

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